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#GOSafely: Videos dramatically illustrate
the dangers of GO trains and tracks

During the same month that the TTC is warning passengers of the dangers of descending to track level in subway and rapid transit stations, Metrolinx has released a “heart-stopping” video graphically illustrating the same point.

To stress safety using real-world situations, the regional transit agency uses closed-circuit television (CCTV) surveillance footage of actual close calls to help remind people to always travel safely. (It’s tagging the flicks, “#GOSafely”.) In this case, we get a view from a GO Transit locomotive approaching a level crossing, where a pedestrian has ignored the safety barriers to cross the tracks.

“If downed gates don’t stop you from crossing tracks”, the video’s message reads, “a train will.” It continues, “Stop. Look. Listen. Live. #GOSafely.”

(The train is travelling southbound on GO’s Stouffville line tracks, approaching Steeles Avenue East. Metrolinx is already working to build an overpass in this location.)

Metrolinx and GO have also supplied a second “#GOSafely” video, warning passengers not to get too close to the yellow lines on platforms.

(The view is of Exhibition GO Station.)

A third #GOSafely” video from a locomotive shows the dangers of standing on the tracks in front of an oncoming train — to take a “selfie”!