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TTC urges passengers to stay off the tracks

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The TTC has launched a system-wide public awareness campaign about the dangers of trespassing on TTC tracks. It says that, last year, 110 incidents of trespassing delayed passengers by more than 1,570 minutes.

According to the TTC, track trespassing is both unnecessary and very dangerous and carries a fine of as much as $5,000. It also causes emotional distress and inconvenience for other passengers, subway operators and staff.

Incidents of trespassing vary in nature and severity, and include any activity in which an unauthorized person descends to track level, such as:

  • descending to track level to retrieve a dropped phone or other personal item;
  • entering, walking or running through a subway tunnel for any reason; and
  • crossing the subway tracks to get to the platform on the other side.

If you drop personal items onto the tracks, ask TTC employees for help. They can make arrangements to retrieve your phone or other personal items and to get them back to you (usually through the TTC’s lost articles office at Bay Station).

If you see people at track level, don’t put your safety at risk. Notify a TTC employee or use the intercom at the designated waiting area to let TTC station staff know. They can cut the power or notify emergency services if necessary.

If you witness a traumatic incident on the TTC, learn about Victim Services Toronto’s victim response program here, or call 416-808-7066 24 hours a day.

Since February 7, posters have appeared throughout the system, announcements have played on screens, social media and on

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(Metrolinx and GO have recently released videos that make the same point.)