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Subway construction starts near York University

When we posted information a few days ago about construction at York University this weekend, we wondered, only half-seriously, whether the work was part of the TTC’s project to extend the Spadina leg of the 1 Yonge - Spadina - University subway to Vaughan.

Afterwards, Transit Toronto reader Dickson Chan e-mailed us to confirm, that, in fact, subway construction is indeed starting on the campus.

While this weekend’s work was along Ian Macdonald Boulevard and York Boulevard, near the Commons, York University officials have distributed information to students and staff to let them know that construction is starting near North-west Gate and Steeles Avenue West, the site of the future Steeles West Station.

Contractors will be digging a shaft that will eventually allow the boring machines to start their work burrowing beneath the campus to build the tunnel for the new subway.

York is removing parking spaces from the Northwest Gate lot to accommodate the work, which likely will continue until November. Building the shaft will also likely require the City of Toronto to block some traffic lanes on Steeles Avenue West to accommodate. (A major City / Region of York repaving project will also be restricting traffic along the same part of Steeles this spring and summer.)

Work started in February at William R. Allen Road, south of Sheppard Avenue West on another phase of the project — constructing a tunnel to connect Downsview Station with the Wilson Maintenance and Storage Yard.

Contractors are installing roadway decking and building an excavation support system for the future subway construction and expect to finish this part of the project next month.