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Queens Quay

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  • Original plans for this station called for a tunnel connecting the platform to the Ferry Docks across Queen’s Quay, but this was cancelled before construction started due to budget cuts.
  • Delays in construction resulted in Queen’s Quay station opening months after the rest of the 604 HARBOURFRONT line opened. Passengers instead boarded and detrained from streetcars off a temporary platform built immediately west of the tunnel portal, once the tracks had risen to the surface.
  • While technically a station, there is no collector on site. It is not manned by TTC personnel at any time.

Service Notes (as of January 3, 2016):

  • Off-Site Resources:
  • Hours of Operation:
    24 hour service provided.
  • Address: 10 Bay Street
  • Opened: 1990
  • Wheelchair Accessible Since: 1990
  • Entrances:
    • Queens Quay West and Bay Street (Northwest and Northeast corners)
  • Non-TTC Elevator in adjacent building
  • No collector
  • Forms of fare payment include exact change
  • Side platform with at-grade connection to adjacent platform

TTC Surface Connections:

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