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The Sheppard Subway Media Preview (July 17, 2001)

Don Mills

The media preview at Leslie station.

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Pictures by Scott Simpson, text by James Bow.

Scott Simpson of 680 News dropped me the following letter:

I went along on the Sheppard Subway Progress Tour today, and snapped dozens of photos, including what (I hope will turn out to be) some pretty nifty panoramas from inside the Sheppard-Yonge station and inside Don Mills station. I'd be happen to zip 'em up and send 'em to you for sharing with the world. Interested?

To which I replied "Oh, you betcha!"

And Scott was true to his word, supplying me with lots of photographs of his eye-opening preview of the Sheppard subway, due to open Labour Day 2002. I enclose them here.

Sheppard Subway Media Preview - July 17, 2001 Image Archive

Scott Simpson would like to thank the organizers of this media tour for putting together such a fascinating event. I would like to thank Scott Simpson for immortalizing this event in pictures.