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Transit Toronto's Archives

Feature Photograph


This photograph, courtesy the Al Chione collection, shows TTC work car W-24 (ex-TRC #1706) heading eastbound on King, passing Wilson Park Road, in June 1953. You can learn more about this car, and its many working friends, at the TTC Surface Car Work Fleet Gallery.

Welcome to the Archives Division of Transit Toronto. On this page, you will find scanned and other electronic images, including maps, old brochures, reports, schedules, et cetera, produced by the Toronto Transit Commission and other transit agencies in the GTA over the past century. These are grouped in pages, links to which you can find on the left. While not a complete list, we hope you will find this material useful in understanding how public transportation in Toronto has grown and developed since its beginnings in the mid 19th century.

In addition to the above, this is the place were you will find those articles which don’t fit comfortably on the other divisions of the web site, including the revised and updated Toronto Transfer Gallery, a history of Toronto’s transit stops, and the rise and fall of Toronto’s Zoo Monorail.