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Others Dare to Dream

Editorial originally published January 15, 2001

Dreaming is fun. That's the conclusion I come up with when I consider the response to last month's editorial. Others have jumped up and written me with their dreams, and I thought I would turn this editorial over to them, starting with...

Dave Eustice:

Dave sent me a long article focusing on converting GO Train lines to high speed, high frequency LRT lines. He also suggested extending the Bloor-Danforth subway west to Sherway Gardens, and then south to Long Branch GO station, extending the Sheppard subway east beyond the Scarborough Town Centre to Pickering, and extending the Sheppard subway west beyond Downsview to Square One via Highway 401 and 403. The Spadina and Yonge subways would be extended north into York Region and the Downtown Relief Line (a popular choice) would be built from the Sheppard subway to Union Station.

Dave also wanted extensions to the current streetcar network, and busways on all major highways.

David Aldinger:

David would start by building additional stations and extending the current lines. He'd like to see new subway stops on the Bloor-Danforth line at Prince Edward, Avenue Road, the Don Valley, Pharmacy and Birchmount and at Glencairn and Yonge Boulevard on the Yonge line. He'd want the Bloor-Danforth subway extended west to Sherway Gardens and the Queensway General Hospital and northeast to the Scarborough Town Centre (keeping the Scarborogh RT as is, and extending it to Markham Road and the 401). The Yonge-University-Spadina line would be extended to Steeles and Yonge, with an intermediate stop at Cummer, and north from Downsview to York University

Then David would revive the Eglinton subway and extend it in both directions until it went from the Airport to Bellamy Road (where connections would exist for both GO Transit and VIA). The Sheppard subway would get a Willowdale station and would be extended east beyond the Scarborough Town Centre to where Sheppard Avenue crosses the 401, and west to the Woodbine Racetrack and the Airport.

Streetcars would also receive attention, with the St. Clair car extended to Runnymede Road, meeting up with re-extended Dundas cars. The Carlton streetcar would be extended up Parkside Drive to Keele Station, and the Coxwell streetcar would be revived. Streetcars would also be operating on Queen's Quay East. To top things off, David would bring back trolley buses to the city, but on a completely new network, including Jane, Finch East and Finch West buses.

Sean Marshall

Sean Marshall focused on streetcars for his dreams. New routes included:

PHASE ONE (To 2003)

  • Route 513 - Coxwell to Bingham from Coxwell station
  • Route 515 - Junction to Jane from Dundas West
  • Route 517 - Steeles East via 404 and Steeles to Pharmacy from Don Mills Stn.
  • Other Extensions - 512 to Jane Station, 509 to Parkdale

PHASE TWO (To 2005)

  • Route 514 - Jane/Weston Jane Station to Weston GO via Jane and Weston; 35 Jane buses diverted to Lawrence West station, Weston Road north buses runto Lawrence, again to Lawrence West.
  • Route 516 - Dufferin (phase 1) from connection to 504, 501 and 509 cars in Parkdale, via Dufferin, underground transfer to Dufferin Stn, north to Eglinton, west via roughed in subway to Eglinton West. 29 Dufferin buses diverted to St. Clair West via Vaughan Rd, route 90 abandoned
  • Sheppard Subway built to STC Station

PHASE THREE (to 2007)

  • Eglinton Subway built, opened. Stations at Flats (Jane St. ) Mt. Dennis (Weston Rd/GO), Threwthey (Keele St), Caledonia (GO), Fairbanks (Dufferin, 516 now through to Wilson) Eglinton West/Allen. Holy Blossom (Bathurst), Avenue and Eglinton Yonge)
  • Route 519 Finch from Jane/Finch intersection to Chesswood TTC/GO station, and to STC Station on east end. Finch West buses abandoned west of York University, Finch East buses terminate at new Brimley SRT Station

PHASE FOUR (to 2010)

  • Don Mills - Downtown Subway complete from Union Station to Don Mills/Sheppard Station Stops at Market (Jarvis), Parliament, Riverdale (Queen/Broadview) Gerrard (on old Knob Hill site), Pape/Danforth (Greektown secondary title), Cosburn, O'Connor, Overlea, Science Centre (Eglinton), Donway (Lawrence East) Graydon (York Mills) and Sheppard.
  • 520 Broadview Streetcar introduced between King/Parliament and Broadview Stn.
  • 504 King diverted to Castle Frank station via Parliament.
  • Eglinton Subway opened to Science Centre

PHASE FIVE (to 2012)

  • Sheppard Subway built east to Weston, connecting with 514 cars.
  • Eglinton Subway built to Kennedy Station