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Mount Dennis Garage

Text by Jelo Gutierrez Cantos

The newest TTC garage was opened on November 23, 2008. Mount Dennis Bus Garage is located on Industry Rd in the Eglinton Avenue West & Weston Road area, on the site of the old Feranti-Packard building. It was supposed to open in October 2007, but was delayed due to budget issues.

Built at a cost of $99.2 million, the garage incorporates repair and service bays, paint and body shops, hoist and inspection pits and a parts and materials storage area.

The 253,759 square foot area has 16 40-ft/60-ft hoists, 4 vehicle cleaning stations, and one steam cleaning room. The garage service a fleet of 150 OBI - ORION VII LF HYB, 77 DBNA - ORION VII LF HYB, and 56 NOVA LFS 60102 ARTIC vehicles.

As of January 7, 2019, Mount Dennis Division serves the routes:

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