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Parkdale Garage

Text by Godfrey Mallion

Parkdale Garage, the former Dominion Bridge Company property at 289 Sorauren Avenue in the Dundas Street and Howard Park Avenue vicinity, opened as an operating T.T.C. garage on December 7, 1947.

In the early days this garage operated the west-end bus routes HIGH PARK, MIMICO, LAMBTON, KINGSWAY, PORT CREDIT, WESTON, GILBERT, and RUNNYMEDE.

By November 1965 the fleet had grown from the original 25 vehicles to 128 buses, with 10 special services housed at this location. At this time the ANGLESEY, BERRY ROAD, DUNDAS, DUFFERIN, ISLINGTON, JANE, KEELE, KINGSWAY, KIPLING, MALTON, PORT CREDIT, QUEENSWAY, ROYAL YORK, RUNNYMEDE, TRETHEWAY, WEST MALL, WILSON, and WOODBRIDGE routes called Parkdale Garage home.

On January 23, 1966 all operations were transfered to the newly opened Queensway Garage.

The garage became the Heavy Repair and Maintenance facility and General Stores until the opening of the Duncan Shops at the Hillcrest Complex.

Parkdale Garage Image Archive


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