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Lakeshore Garage

Text by Godfrey Mallion

The Lakeshore Garage, opened January 4, 1980, originally replaced the Sherbourne Garage (1894-1980) as the main maintenance facility for interurban Gray Coach Lines buses.

The garage is located on Commissioners Street, near the Lakeshore Road and the Don Valley and Gardiner Expressways.

The garage has 7 acres of land and originally had a 52,000 square foot maintenance area and an 8,000 square foot office and administration area.

Much of the early service for the physically challenged was privately run. On May 1, 1983 Wheel-Trans became partly, and later, fully, run by the TTC.

Today, OBI Orion II and Overland ELF buses are serviced and dispatched from this garage for the use of physically challenged patrons. Community buses on the EAST YORK, LAWRENCE MANOR, PARKDALE, and SOUTH DON MILLS routes are also operated from this facility.

Lakeshore Garage Image Archive


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