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The Demonstrator Gallery

Text by James Bow

If it had its way, the TTC would have a single model of bus providing all of the transportation needs outside the city’s subway and streetcar network. One model vastly simplifies maintenance, allows the TTC to save money by buying spare parts in bulk, and provides a consistent look and feel for the commission’s operations. But technologies change, and some bus models are better able to adapt to unique aspects of the TTC’s operations.

Further, the TTC cannot just purchase a single bus model sight unseen. As vehicle manufacturers improve their designs and test new concepts, those same manufacturers sometimes commission demonstrator models which they loan to transit agencies like the TTC to test in practical operating conditions. This way, the transit agency and the manufacturer can see how well these new models deal with road conditions outside of the factory test track. Improvements can be made, and the transit agency can decide if this is a model they want to upgrade their fleet to.

Demonstrators add a splash of difference in what is an otherwise monolithic fleet. This gallery highlights some of the demonstrator models that have appeared on the TTC network throughout its history.

Demonstrator Vehicles Image Archive