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Finch West LRT - York Gate / Elana:
Temporary turn restrictions, starting June 10

Finch West - BW - small header.jpg

Metrolinx contractors continue to prepare for upcoming construction of the Finch West light rail transit line between Humber College and Finch West subway station in the North York and Etobicoke areas of Toronto.

Starting Monday, June 10, the City of Toronto is temporarily amending traffic access to Elana Drive from Finch Avenue West.

During this period, the City if prohibiting left turns by westbound motorists on Finch Avenue West onto Elana Drive. Westbound motorists can turn left at Jane Street to access Elana Drive, which adds 400 metres driving distance to each trip.

North- and southbound through traffic on York Gate Boulevard and Elana Drive may still proceed through the intersection. Looking ahead to upcoming construction of the LRT storage and maintenance facility at Finch West and York Gate, the City is also restricting heavy vehicles from entering York Gate from Finch West.

To safely operate the future LRT line, the designers of the light rail system recommend changing traffic access to Elana Drive. Before permanently making these changes, the City of Toronto’s Transportation Services Division will work with Metrolinx to study and monitor traffic volume in the area and simulate conditions when the Finch West LRT is in operation.

Transportation Services Division will monitor, evaluate and report back on its findings to the City Council in October. The data will inform City staff recommendations about making permanent amendments to the traffic by-law.

The contractor for the Finch West LRT project will also monitor and document traffic in the neighbourhood during the temporary traffic-regulation changes.

2019 - 06-10 - Elana - York Gate turn restrictions.jpg