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No subway service, Eglinton to Bloor,
after 11 p.m. May 27 to 29


The TTC is closing part of the Line 1 Yonge - University subway between Eglinton and Bloor stations earlier than usually Monday, May 27 until Wednesday, May 29. Line 1 subway trains operate only between Finch and Eglinton stations and Vaughan Metropolitan Centre and Bloor stations after 11 p.m. those evenings. TTC are maintaining the tracks on the closed section of the line.

Shuttle buses replace the trains. The buses stop near all stations on the closed portion of the line. Passengers exit from or board buses at different locations at each station. The TTC is assigning staff to each station to help you find your way or and answer your questions.

Most stations remain open after 11 p.m. so that you can buy fares or connect with buses and streetcars. However, Summerhill Station is closed.

Wheel-Trans accessible service is available. Ask TTC staff at any station about how you can access Wheel-Trans.

The TTC originally scheduled these early closures to continue until May 30, but it will end them May 29 to support Toronto Raptors fans.

This is the seventh time this year that the TTC has closed part of this section of Line 1 for maintenance:

The TTC has planned several more closures of all or part of this section of Line 1 this year:

  • Sunday, May 26 — St Clair to Union — open late — track maintenance.
  • Monday, May 27 until Thursday, May 30 — close early — Eglinton to Bloor — track maintenance.
  • Saturday, June 8 — Lawrence to Bloor — signal upgrades.
  • Sunday, June 9 — St. Clair to Union — signal upgrades.
  • Monday, June 17 until Wednesday, June 19 — close early — Eglinton to Bloor — track maintenance.
  • Monday, June 24 until Thursday, June 27 — close early — Eglinton to Bloor — track maintenance.