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Hamilton GO Centre passengers board GO buses
at different platforms, starting May 21

Starting Tuesday, May 21, GO Transit is revising where you board its buses in the Hamilton GO Centre bus terminal.

According to GO, it’s rearranging the platform layout so buses can move more easily and safely through the terminal. It’s no longer assigning buses to specific numbered platforms for departures. Instead, buses leave from different platforms within one of four zones. New signs at the terminal show the zone and which buses along which routes depart from the zone.

Departure boards at the terminal will indicate the zone, instead of the platform number. Five minutes before buses leave the terminal, listen for announcements that let you know which platform number within the zone you need to go to. The destination will then also appear on the sign on the outside of the bus.

  • 16 Hamilton / Toronto express: Zones A and B.
  • 18 Lakeshore West: Zones A and B.
  • 40 Hamilton / Pearson / Richmond Hill: Zones C and D.
  • 47 Hamilton / Highway 407: Zones C and D.


Hundreds of buses go in and out of Hamilton GO Centre every day — including GO, Hamilton Street Railway, Greyhound Canada and Megabus. Take extra care and be aware of your surroundings. For your safety, stay out of the path of buses - never walk in the driveway. Always use the walkways, only cross at the designated crossing area and never chase a bus. Crossing or walking where you’re not supposed to puts you at risk of injury and you could receive a fine for as much as $1,000.

The Hamilton GO Centre was recently the scene of a fatality, when a reversing GO bus struck and killed an elderly pedestrian.