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Metrolinx proposes lowering -- and raising
-- GO Transit fares, starting April 20

The Metrolinx board of directors will consider a staff report proposing new fares for GO Transit train and bus passengers during its next meeting.

Metrolinx recommends lowering the fare for GO trips that are about 10 kilometres or less to $3.70 — 21 per cent less than the lowest fares of $4.71 for passengers using PRESTO farecards. This new, lower fare applies to any trip between any GO stations or bus stops across the Greater Golden Horseshoe region that are within roughly 10 kilometres of each other. Those who pay with single-fare paper tickets will also benefit from lower fares for these trips, changing from $5.30 per trip to $4.40.

Metrolinx is also slightly increasing fares for longer-distance GO trips. PRESTO fares for trips greater than about 10 kilometres will increase by as much as four per cent. The price of a single-fare paper ticket, which GO passengers used for eight per cent of trips, increases by as much as 10 per cent for trips greater than 10 kilometres. With these fare changes, the discount for using PRESTO instead of single-fare paper tickets will increase from 11 per cent to 16 per cent.


According to Metrolinx’ president and chief executive officer, Phil Verster, “These significant reductions in short-distance fares, by at least 21 per cent and by as much as 40 per cent for some journeys, is a huge step towards making public transit even more affordable and more attractive for the people in our communities. This gives our GO customers a better, faster and easier way to get across town for work, trips to the mall, family visits or a night out.”

“We are now running 359 more train trips per week than 18 months ago, growing our services by more than 20 per cent in the last year alone,” he said.

GO passengers use PRESTO cards to pay for 92 per cent of GO trips.

The Metrolinx board meets to consider the proposal Wednesday, April 10. If the board approves the staff recommendations, the transit agency imposes the new fares starting Saturday, April 20.