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Metrolinx launched PRESTO app, January 28

Metrolinx now has a smart update for your phone.

Since Monday, January 28, the official version of the PRESTO application has been available for download.

Metrolinx first launched a beta (or trial) version of the app last December to a small group of users to get feedback. The results were positive — for Metrolinx and its passengers.

After a successful beta period that saw more than 10,000 users trying out the Android) version and more than 5,000 testing the iOS version, anyone can now download it through their app store. There are no more limits and the transit tech is available to everyone.

The PRESTO app gives you the convenience of easily loading funds onto your PRESTO fare card on the go with your debit and credit cards or through Apple Pay. And, for most Android phones with NFC (near-field communication) capabilities, the app lets you load funds and passes instantly to your PRESTO card simply by holding it onto the back of your phone, eliminating the wait times you may experience when you load your cards online.

It’s also easy to check your balance, review your trip history, or set up autoload or autorenew to make sure you always have enough funds to travel. If autoload or autoreview aren’t for you, you can turn on alerts to let you know when your balance drops below a certain amount or when your pass is about to expire.