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Customer service agents at Yorkdale and Lawrence West stations, starting January 6

Lawrence West station.jpg

Image: TTC.

Starting Sunday, January 6, the TTC is introducing new customer service agents to Yorkdale and Lawrence West stations. The new employee role is part of the TTC’s ongoing program to modernize how it collects fares and implement the PRESTO fare-card system.

The new customer service agents will replace fare collectors — and their booths — in stations over the next year.

Since Sunday, December 17, 2017, the TTC has assigned customer service agents to all new stations on the Line 1 Yonge - University extension to Vaughan Metropolitan Centre and to Sheppard West and Wilson stations. And, next year, you’ll start seeing the agents at more and more stations throughout the system.

According to the TTC, the customer service agents “will play a critical role in delivering a consistently efficient, safe and engaging experience for our customers at stations.” That means they’ll not be inside glass booths, but throughout the station, directing passengers, solving problems, answering questions and providing information and directions.

Of course, even though these stations no longer have collector booths, you still have to pay your fare.

  • PRESTO: Simply tap your card at one of the new, paddle-style fare gates.
  • Tickets, tokens and Metropasses: You can still pay with these, but you can’t buy them at any of these stations.
  • Cash: You can pay with cash, but be sure to have exact fare handy.

You can buy and load your PRESTO card at each station.

A customer service agent will help direct you to where you can buy and pay your fare. He or she will be wearing a TTC uniform. You can often find one near the fare gates.

The TTC intends to stop selling tickets and tokens Saturday, August 3 and stop accepting them by December 31. It will not refund the cost of tickets or tokens after 2019 and recommends that you use all of yours before the end of the year.