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Subway closes early, starting October 29:
Sheppard West to Lawrence West


Starting Monday, October 29, the TTC is closing the Line 1 Yonge - University subway between Sheppard West and Lawrence West stations after 11 p.m. nightly, as crews upgrade the signals. Line 1 subway trains operate only between Vaughan Metropolitan Centre and Sheppard West stations and between Lawrence West and Finch Stations late nights until November 1.

Express shuttle buses partially replace subway service between the two stations. The buses start and end their trips in the bus terminals at both stations.

Passengers may exit from or board the buses at or near subway stations on the closed section of the line:

  • Sheppard West: board and exit in the station terminal.
  • Wilson: board and exit in the station terminal.
  • Yorkdale: The TTC is operating a special shuttle bus to accommodate passengers travelling to and from Yorkdale Shopping Centre and Yorkdale GO Bus Terminal. You can transfer between the Line 1 shuttle buses and the Yorkdale express shuttle buses at the intersection of Dufferin Street with Bridgeland Avenue / Yorkdale Road [north].
  • Lawrence West: board and exit in the station terminal.

While this part of the subway line is closed, the TTC says, its crews are working to “expedite modernization of its subway signalling system and carry out important maintenance.” According to a TTC news release, “The early closures Monday to Wednesday will allow the TTC to extend Automatic Train Control (ATC) operations south of Sheppard West Station to Spadina Station by the end of this year. Currently the system is only operational between Sheppard West and Vaughan Metropolitan Centre stations. Thursday’s early closure is for state of good repair and winter preparedness work.”

The TTC plans to similarly close another part of Line 1 early — between Spadina and St Andrew stations — from Monday, November 5 until Thursday, November 8. It’s planning more early closures next spring.

Regular subway service resumes each morning at about 6 a.m.

The TTC has already closed this section of the subway system six times this year for the ATC project:

It’s planning to close this part of Line 1 twice more this year:

  • Saturday, November 10 and Sunday, November 11 — Finch West to Lawrence West.
  • Saturday, December 1 and Sunday, December 2 — Vaughan Metropolitan Centre to St George.

Line 1 shuttle buses — Sheppard West to Lawrence West

(The TTC has not confirmed routing information. We’ve based this section of the post on information it and third-party sources [such as TransSee) have provided on previous occasions when this section of the subway has been closed.)

Nightly after 11 p.m. from Monday, October 29 until Thursday, November 1, southbound buses start their trips in Sheppard West Station terminal, then proceed:

eastward along Sheppard Avenue West;
southward along Wilson Heights Boulevard;
west- and southward along Transit Road into Wilson Station bus terminal,
southward along Transit Road;
westward along Wilson Avenue;
southward along Dufferin Street, stopping at Bridgeland Avenue so passengers can transfer to the Yorkdale shuttle bus on the east side of Dufferin Street;
eastward along Lawrence Avenue West; and then
southward into Lawrence West Station bus terminal.

Northbound buses start their trips in Lawrence West Station bus terminal, then proceed:

westward along Lawrence Avenue West;
northward along Dufferin Street stopping at the northern intersection with Yorkdale Road so passengers can transfer to the Yorkdale shuttle bus;
eastward along Wilson Avenue;
northward along Transit Road into Wilson Station bus terminal,
north- and eastward along Transit Road;
northward along William R. Allen Road; and then
eastward into Sheppard West Station bus terminal,
ending their trips.