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TTC revising streetcar services
along King Street, starting October 7

Starting Sunday, October 7, the TTC is making two major route changes to, it says, “improve streetcar service along the busy King St. corridor.”

To provide more reliable scheduled service for the 80,000 daily King streetcar passengers, the TTC is splitting the 504 King route into two branches:

  • 504A King (Dundas West Station - Distillery) via Roncesvalles Avenue, King and Cherry Streets; and
  • 504B King (Broadview Station - Dufferin Gate) via Broadview Avenue, King and Dufferin Streets.

The transit agency is also cancelling the 514 Cherry service as a stand-alone route, replacing it with the new branches of 504 King. The TTC says, “This change is being made to provide more clarity for customers traveling along King St. with all streetcars designated as 504 King, with respective A or B branches indicated.”

504-Explainer -504-5.jpg

^ Streetcar service along King Street until October 6.

Starting October 7, streetcars operating along the two shorter branches of 504 King drop off or pick up passengers through the King Street Pilot area. According to the TTC, the new service model will reduce the number of short turns — a delay on one end of either branch is far less likely to affect service along the entire route. Streetcars along both branches of the route serve passengers at all stops on King Streets West and East between Dufferin and Sumach streets.

504-Explainer - 504A.jpg

^ Streetcar service along King Street starting October 7.

The TTC explains further that it’s also improving reliability by changing the streetcar terminal points. Currently, the platforms at Dundas West and Broadview stations can only accommodate one low-floor Toronto Flexity car at a time, while multiple streetcars can visit the Dufferin Gate and Distillery loops, helping service recover more efficiently.

The new accessible low-floor cars will operate along both branches of 504 King. Occasionally the TTC must supplement some rush-hour service with older streetcars until it receives more new streetcars. The older streetcars will not operate to and from the Distillery Loop to quell neighbourhood concerns about noise.

During the busiest times Monday-to-Friday mornings, the TTC is assigning 42 low-floor streetcars King Street — 22 along 504A and 20 along 504B. The cars operate every two to three minutes during morning rush hour at stops on the central part of the route.

Full low-floor operation, increases service capacity to almost 3,000 people per hour, per direction from the current 2,500. During morning rush hours, round-trip times are 108 minutes for cars along 504A and 98 minutes for 504B. The current trip time for the 504 King is 122 minutes.