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Broadview / Gerrard East track work ends early,
TTC resumes service, August 12

TTC and City of Toronto contractors and crews have completed much of the project to upgrade the streetcar tracks on Broadview Avenue ahead of schedule.

Starting 7 a.m., Sunday, August 12, the City reopens

  • the intersection of Broadview Avenue with Gerrard Street East

to all traffic.

The TTC is restoring service through the intersection along these routes:

  • 304B King overnight;
  • 306 Carlton overnight;
  • 504D King;
  • 505 Dundas; and
  • 506 Carlton.

Buses continue to operate along the routes until Sunday, September 2, when streetcars resume regular service along the 304 King overnight, 306 Carlton overnight, 504 King and 506 Carlton routes. Buses continue to serve passengers along the 505 Dundas route due to upcoming construction elsewhere along the route.

TTC crews continue to work at the intersection to restore power to the overhead wires until Saturday, August 25. They’ll work during daytime hours and will occupy traffic lanes; however, one lane in each direction will be available to motorists at all times. The TTC will also test streetcars along and across the new tracks, curves and junctions overnight from Sunday, August 26 until Wednesday, August 29.

The TTC started operating buses, instead of streetcars, along the 306 Carlton overnight, 505 Dundas and 506 Carlton routes Sunday, February 18. It used buses, in part, due to a ongoing shortage of streetcars, but more specifically for these routes, due to several major construction projects along the routes, including on Broadview Avenue.

The City and TTC closed the intersection of Broadview with Dundas Street East to all traffic Sunday, June 24, while crews replaced the tracks. That day, it also started operating buses, instead of streetcars, along parts of the 304 King overnight and 504 King routes and detoured route 304, 504 and 505 buses around construction at the intersection. The City reopened the intersection ahead of schedule at 6 p.m. Monday, July 9. However, crews continued to work on the tracks on Broadview between Gerrard and Dundas Streets East, so the buses continued to detour.

TTC crews started to repair the tracks on Broadview between Hogarth Avenue and just north of Gerrard East Monday, July 16, but did not have to detour buses further during this work.

Finally, the City closed the intersection of Broadview with Gerrard East Tuesday, July 24. It revised the detour routings for route 304, 504 and 505 buses and started new detours for routes 306 and 506. The City and TTC scheduled work for this project to continue until September 8, so they’re nearly one month ahead of schedule.