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Finch West LRT - Signet / Arrow:
Oil-line construction starts "mid-August"

Finch West - BW - small header.jpg

Metrolinx continues to prepare for upcoming construction on the Finch West light rail transit line in the North York and Etobicoke areas of Toronto.

As part of this project, Enbridge Pipeline Inc. is digging on

  • the northeast corner of Signet Drive and Finch Avenue West and
  • the southwest corner of Arrow Road and Finch Avenue West

to ensure the integrity of an underground oil pipeline and casing and to install necessary protective measures to protect the pipeline during future stages of the LRT project, including widening the roadway.

2018 - 08-13 - Signet - Arrow.png

Starting “mid-August” (or about Monday, August 13, crews work Mondays to Fridays and Saturdays from 7 a.m. until 5 p.m. The work zone partially blocks a traffic lane on Arrow Road.

The TTC may temporarily relocate bus stops near the work zone. Passengers aboard buses along these routes can also expect delays:

  • 36 Finch West;
  • 84C Sheppard West via Arrow Road;
  • 99 Arrow Road; and
  • 336 Finch West overnight.

Oil-pipeline work on Finch Avenue West at Signet Drive / Arrow Road and the resulting TTC delays continue until October 31.