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Toronto Transit Commission meets, July 10

The Toronto Transit Commission meets Tuesday, July 10 at 1 p.m. in Committee Room #2, City Hall, 100 Queen Street West.

The commission is the TTC’s board of directors. It oversees matters of policy and planning, building, maintaining and operating the TTC system and expanding its services and facilities.

Commissioners include City of Toronto councillors and members of the public.

During the meeting, the commissioners will discuss staff reports recommending that the board approve:

  • deferring until 2019 a decision about buying more new streetcars. (You can read the report here (.pdf).)
  • awarding a contract to four firms for the preliminary design of new stations on the extension of Line 1 to Richmond Hill. (You can read the report here (.pdf).)
  • amending its contract with AECOM Limited for preliminary design of Scarborough Centre Station on the Line 2 extension. The changes result changing the purpose of the station from an in-line to a terminal station. The report also oddly recommends changes to the contract for a “Sheppard East Station”, which is no longer part of the plan. (You can read the report here (.pdf).)
  • revising the 29 Dufferin route and introducing a new 29E Dufferin express route to improve service along Dufferin Street. (You can read the report here (.pdf).)
  • increasing the service hours along the 80B Queensway route to and from Keele Station as the first step in the Junction Area Study and further studying other route changes. (You can read the report here (.pdf).)
  • activating the art installation, “LightSpell”, at Pioneer Village Station, with some restrictions on the hours and the vocabulary that passengers can use when interacting with the display. (You can view the report here (.pdf).)
  • approving a new 350-bus garage and maintenance facility. (You can read the report here (.pdf).)
  • increasing the workforce by 184 positions. (You can read the report here (.pdf).)
  • endorsing plans to continue using the Hillcrest Facility near Bathurst Street and Davenport Road. (You can view the report here (.pdf).)

The commissioners will also consider:

  • a report on a February 18, 2018 incident involving fare inspectors. (You can read the report here (.pdf)).
  • a report outlining 2017 complaints about the transit enforcement unit. (You can read the report here (.pdf).)
  • the 2017 Transit Enforcement Unit annual reports to the transit commission and to the Toroto Police Services board. (You can read the reports here (.pdf).)
  • a report updating the board on the status of the Ridership Growth Strategy. (You can read the report here (.pdf).)
  • the Chief Executive Officer’s report for July, 2018. (You can read the report here (.pdf).)

The commission will also announce the new TTC chief executive officer during its meeting.

You can view the agenda for the meeting here.

Toronto Transit Commission meetings are public meetings — anyone may attend. If you wish to speak to the commission about an item on its agenda during this meeting, e-mail the Co-ordinator — Secretariat Services at: before noon, Monday, July 9.

You can learn more about making a deputation — or presentation — to the commission here.