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Brampton Transit launches customer charter

Last week, Brampton Transit launched its first customer charter, committing to riders that it is working to improve overall service quality and enhance passengers’ experience.

Brampton Transit says that the customer charter reflects its priorities and the City of Brampton has funded those priorities during the City’s budget process. According to a City news release, “The Brampton Transit team recognizes the importance of keeping customers updated on projects and initiatives throughout the year, and educating the public on how budget commitments are allocated. The Charter strengthens Brampton Transit’s commitment to transparency and accountability.”

With this charter, Brampton Transit says it will:

  • implement the 2018 Service Plan, adding 65,000 service hours.(September to December)
  • reduce child fares in September at the start of the new school year.​ (September)
  • install:
  • 10 new passenger benches at Bramalea Terminal;
  • 60 new bus stops;
  • 25 new shelters; and
  • 25 new benches at bus stops. (December)
  • replace 15 shelters. (December)

  • expand its fleet by 34 new buses by the end of the year to meet service demand and growth, including:

  • 11 18-metre (60-foot) Züm hybrid diesel-electric buses; and
  • 23 12-metre (40-foot) conventional buses​. (December)
  • refurbish 12 buses. (December)
  • order eight electric buses and four charging stations as part of the new electric bus pilot project. (December)
  • strive to reach our target to have 91 per cent of buses depart on time. (December)
  • launch an etiquette and behavior campaign to raise awareness of on-board behaviour and investigate new technologies to report any incidents. (October)
  • expand the duress event station program to more Züm stops.(Duress event stations are communication buttons that you can press during an emergency. If you press the button, you can engage in two-way communication with the City’s corporate security staff.)​ (December)
  • update the See Something, Hear Something, Say Something campaign to continue to educate riders on how to maintain a safe transit network.​ (December)
  • improve safety signage fleet-wide. (December)

BT says it will update its charter annually as it completes projects and adds new initiatives.