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Mayor Tory proposes ten-point action plan
to address capacity issues on the TTC

Update — Saturday, February 17, 11:29 p.m.: This post now contains a link to a CP24 news report decribing TTC workers’ reaction to the plan.

Update — Thursday, February 15, 9:46 p.m.: This post now contains a link to a CBC news report explaining that the Toronto Transit Commission has approved the mayor’s plan.

Mayor John Tory today launched a ten-point action plan and pledged extra funds to help the TTC address overcrowding on its Line 1 Yonge - University subway.

The mayor’s proposals follow the events of Tuesday, January 30, when crowding reached dangerous levels after a series of events resulted in major delays on the line.

Before City Council finalizes the 2018 budget, the mayor, Toronto Transit Commission chair Councillor Josh Colle and budget chief Councillor Gary Crawford announced they support investing more than $3 million in the TTC to help resolve the capacity issues immediately. They presented Council with a motion during today’s meeting to grant approval of such an investment to fight overcrowding.

The mayor also announced that he has asked the city manager and the chief executive officer of the TTC to “have staff explore any and all means to accelerate the Transit Network Plan, including the Relief Line.”

In a news release the mayor said, “I know delays and crowding can be frustrating. I know people want an expanded transit system as soon as possible. I know how maddening it can be when transit and traffic don’t move in this city. He added, “I want Toronto residents to know that I am dedicated to getting transit and traffic moving. I’m dedicated to building our entire transit network plan. I’m dedicated to making sure the TTC is doing everything possible to minimize delays and ease crowding.”

The mayor’s plan for TTC staff includes:


  1. adding two more subway trains to Line 1 service during the morning rush hours. (The TTC already operates 61 trains along Line 1 Monday-to-Friday mornings. The two extra trains make sure the TTC can move 2,400 more passengers.);
  2. adjusting overnight maintenance schedules to assure better system reliability;
  3. proactively checking operating equipment more often, especially during periods of extreme cold or inclement weather so a broken heater on a switch isn’t a surprise;
  4. deploying more platform staff at Bloor - Yonge and St George stations to manage crowding and help better communicate with the travelling public; and
  5. improving monitoring system-wide with more personnel at the transit operations centre so the TTC can react faster to problems as they arise.

In the coming weeks and beyond, the TTC will be:

  1. enhancing communications with riders and announcements across the system;
  2. studying possible options for lower fares during off-peak hours to give people real financial incentives to take transit at times other than rush hours; and
  3. bringing forward a plan on how to improve express bus service to help ease overcrowding on the Yonge branch of Line 1 during rush hours;

In the coming weeks and beyond, the mayor will be:

  1. meeting with the Minister of Transportation and the Premier to propose ways the city and the province can work together to ease overcrowding city- and region-wide; and
  2. chairing a regular monthly meeting with senior city, TTC and Metrolinx transit officials to track the progress of our transit expansion projects, including the Relief Line, with an eye to doing everything possible to speed them up.

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