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Broken rail near TTC's Bloor Station
means second day of Line 1 subway delays

For the second day in a row, TTC commuters faced slow service on the Line 1 Yonge - University subway, today, Wednesday, February 1. This time, a cracked rail delayed morning rush-hour service.

A 640 All News Radio report explained, “The cracked rail on the northbound track at Bloor Station caused the system to believe the track was occupied by a train when it wasn’t, according to TTC spokesperson Brad Ross.”

“Maintenance people were called to the scene to make a temporary fix so commuters could head into work without too much delay.”

Even after crews had temporarily fixed the rail, service remained slow all day, as trains reduced speed to cross that section of track.

The TTC expects to make permanent repairs after today’s subway service ends around 1:30 a.m. tomorrow.

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