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GO revises routes and services, December 30

Two major news items are the highlights as GO Transit revises its routes and services, starting tomorrow, Saturday, December 30.

The first major item is that GO is offering all-day, every-day, two-way train service along its 65 Barrie line. The second piece of news is that, finally, GO train and bus passengers can take advantage of the TTC’s new Line 1 Yonge - University subway extension to Vaughan.

New hourly and daily GO train service along the Barrie line in both directions starts tomorrow. GO trains already serve the Barrie line weekends, but with the new schedules, trains will operate to and from Aurora every hour Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, instead of every 75 minutes. Three southbound trains continue to serve the entire line between Allandale Waterfront GO Station in Barrie and Union Station Saturday, Sunday and holiday mornings. Three northbound trains serve the entire line afternoons.

Tuesday, January 2, GO introduces hourly service in both directions along the line between Aurora and Union Station Monday-to-Friday midday (meaning: from about 9 a.m. until 3 p.m.) and evenings. (Trains already operate southbound between Barrie and Union during morning rush hours and northbound afternoons.)

GO is also extending some train trips to and from Bradford GO Station late morning, early afternoons and late evenings. The long-term goal is to operate all-day service to and from Barrie by 2025 as part of the Metrolinx plan to introduce regional express rail service along many of its commuter corridors.

Since GO expects that most people travelling between downtown Toronto and stations south of Aurora will be riding trains, it’s cancelling much of its bus service along the corridor to and from Union Station GO Bus Terminal along its 63 King City / Toronto and 65 Newmarket / Toronto routes.

However, it’s also enhancing bus service for passengers travelling further northward beyond Aurora. That town’s GO station becomes a hub, with timed connections for northern commuters to transfer between buses and trains. GO is extending the path for most buses operating along the 68 Barrie / Newmarket route further southward to Aurora. And, it’s introducing a new route, 69 Newmarket / Aurora, to link Newmarket GO Bus Terminal with Aurora GO Station, replacing route 65 bus service along Yonge Street.

201712 ROUTE 63 65 68 69 - v2 - FINAL - ENG.jpg

Here’s where the two news stories intersect: Barrie line trains start serving a new GO station, Downsview Park, tomorrow. At the new station, passengers can connect with TTC’s new subway extension to travel southward toward downtown Toronto or northward toward the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre. Since the new subway also serves York University’s Keele campus, GO is restricting train service at York University GO Station only to Mondays to Fridays during rush hours.

Similarly, GO’s Highway 407 buses start dropping off and picking up passengers at the new terminal at *Highway 407 Station * on the Line 1 extension along these routes:

  • 25 Waterloo / Mississauga: Buses serving the 25F branch of the route, which operate to and from York University’s Keele campus Fridays and Sundays only, serve the new bus terminal at Highway 407 Station.
  • 40 Hamilton / Pearson / Richmond Hill: All buses serve the new terminal.
  • 46 Oakville / York U: All buses heading to and from York serve the new terminal.
  • 47 Hamilton / York U: All buses heading to and from York serve the new terminal, except for express buses.
  • 48 Guelph / York U: All buses except express buses serving the 48A branch of the route serve the new terminal. This also includes weekday and weekend partial express service along the 48F branch.

GO is adjusting the schedules of all these routes to add as much as ten minutes to the travel to include the new stop. Buses operating along the 45 Mississauga / York U route do not stop at Highway 407 Station and continue to operate directly to and from the York campus. GO is encouraging passengers who want a faster trip to York to transfer to these buses at Square One GO Bus Terminal.

Buses operating along the Highway 407 east corridor continue to operate directly to and from York without stopping at new GO bus terminal.

More news:

  • GO is offering more weekend evening bus service along the 21 Milton / Toronto route.
  • GO is extending the path buses operating along the 92A short-turn branch of the 92 Oshawa / Yorkdale route further eastward along Kingston Road / Durham Highway 2 to start and end their trips in the Highway 412 / Dundas Park and Ride carpool lot, instead of Harwood Avenue.
  • Holiday service ends and regular service resumes along routes that serve passengers travelling to and from colleges and universities.

This post is still “under construction”. We’ll be detailing much more information and adding it to this post over the next few days.