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Supports Toronto area agencies TTC, GO trains, MiWay, YRT, HSR and GRT, as well as NY MTA, LA metro, SF MUNI, Boston MBTA, and (new) Barrie.

TTC Virtual Academy:
Bloor - Danforth V2.0 now available

After several months in development, the T2P Films / TTC Virtual Academy team is announcing that Bloor-Danforth V2.0 for the free and open source train simulator, OpenBVE.

This version includes:

  • Photo-realistic station textures and objects;
  • Better grade time signals;
  • Better outdoor scenery;
  • More animations, including vehicles and other trains;
  • Realistic track flange sounds for certain sections;
  • In game-signals for Virtual TTC Academy members;
  • Day, rain and blackout versions.

The team also has made available Bloor-Danforth line V2.0 for Hmmsim 2 for you to use on your mobile device.

Both are available to download at here.

T2P Films is a Toronto production company, specializing in aviation and transit (with focus on the Toronto Transit Commission). (T2P Films stands for Trains to Planes).

T2P Films also runs the Virtual TTC Academy, where transit enthusiasts get together to simulate virtual Toronto subway operations in the free train simulator, OpenBVE. Sign up to become a virtual operator at