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TTC installing PRESTO fare-gates
at Spadina Station, starting September 18

Update — Monday, October 30, 11:55 p.m.: Construction at the Kendal Avenue entrance continues “until the end of January, or **until January 31.

The TTC continues to install new PRESTO fare gates at more stations.

Spadina Station is next.

Starting Monday, September 18, TTC crews are removing turnstiles at the main entrance and replacing them with new, PRESTO-enabled, paddle-style fare gates. The new gates provide easier access and improve the flow of passengers into and out of stations.

The TTC is closing the front doors from Spadina Road, the collector booth and fare line into the station during construction. You can’t buy tickets, tokens or TTC passes from the collector booth at the station “until the end of October”.

Until October 31, you’ll have to enter the station through a temporary station collector aisle. You’ll have to pay exact fare at this temporary collector. However, a PRESTO card reader is available beside the station collector during the construction.

Buses operating the 127 Davenport route and Wheel-Trans vehicles pick up passengers at different platforms than usual during construction.

Construction at the west automatic entrance and the Walmer Road automatic entrance starts Thursday, September 21. Construction continues “until early November” or until November 30. The TTC is completely closing the entrances to passengers at 11 p.m. each night from Thursday, September 21 until Friday, November 10.

Customer service staff will be available on the platform to help you exit from the station during an emergency.

After construction ends, you can only access these entrances with a PRESTO card.

Construction at the Kendal Avenue automatic entrance starts Monday, September 25. It continues “until the end of January” or until January 31.

The TTC is closing the entrance from 11 p.m. Monday, September 25 until 6 a.m. Thursday, September 28. After construction ends, you can only access this entrance with a TTC pass or PRESTO card.

To buy a PRESTO card, visit the Gateway Newstand in Spadina Station or

Spadina Station construction.jpg