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Lambton House hosts transit historians, September 14


Dave (left) and Trevor (right) in the “passenger room” at Lambton House.

Transit historians Trevor Parkins-Sciberras and Dave Reigate are giving another free transit-history presentation at Lambton House Thursday, September 14.

The historical hotel at 4066 Old Dundas Street stands on the east side of the Humber River.

Doors open at 7 p.m., with the presentation taking place from 7:30 until 8:30 p.m.

During the talk, Trevor and Dave will use more than 100 old photos, vintage film footage and Lego replicas of Toronto’s various public transit vehicles.


A Toronto Suburban Railway car waits at Lambton Loop on November 15, 1923. Image courtesy the Toronto Archives and the Rob Pineault Collection.

The presentation covers Toronto’s transit history from the Williams Omnibus Line in 1849 to our modern public transit system.

Trevor and Dave’s presentation at the West Toronto Junction Historical Society on Thursday, March 2 proved so popular that the Society ran out of chairs to accommodate everyone, but everyone had an excellent time.

Trevor has been touring the city with his pop-up museum and Lego replicas of transit vehicles at various museums and retirement homes.


Some of Trevor’s Lego replica’s of Toronto transit vehicles.

Dave has been a member of the Halton County Radial Railway Museum in Milton for more than 20 years. He frequently volunteers to drive the antique streetcars around on its tracks. These tracks were once part of the same Toronto-to-Guelph interurban line whose cars stopped near Lambton House.

Originally a stagecoach stop on the old Toronto-to-Dundas Highway (the Weller Stage Coach would pull up beside it to deliver the Royal Mail), the Lambton House also has a public-transit association. Streetcars on the former Toronto Suburban Railway Company’s Lambton carline ended their trips near the hotel in Lambton Park. From 1917 until 1935, passengers could also wait in the hotel for the next interurban radial streetcar to Guelph.


The Lambton House hotel.

Getting there by public transit

Ride TTC buses operating along the 55 Warren Park route from Jane Station to a stop right in front of the hotel.

Trevor’s videos.

On Tuesday July 18th 2017, CTV met with Transit Historian Trevor at the Maltese-Canadian Museum to talk about his Lego TTC models. The TV spot aired on CTV and CP24 the following Friday at 6:55pm.

Trevor the Time-Traveling Toronto Transit Historian is on a mission to remind our city of its public transit history. Check out for more info!