Transit Toronto is sponsored by bus tracker and next vehicle arrivals. TransSee features include vehicle tracking by route or fleet number, schedule adherence, off route vehicles and more advanced features. Works on all mobile devices and on any browser.
Supports Toronto area agencies TTC, GO trains, MiWay, YRT, HSR and GRT, as well as NY MTA, LA metro, SF MUNI, Boston MBTA, and (new) Barrie.

TransSee application now includes YRT and GRT

TransSee developer Darwin O’Connor recently advised us that he’s expanded the application to include information about York Region Transit and Grand River Transit.

TransSee provides real-time bus tracking and next-vehicle predictions to many of North America’s largest systems, including the TTC.

The web application operates on any browser, so it supports all smart phones and any other device with a web browser. TransSee leverages data from transit agencies to provide as much information as possible.

TransSee features include:

  • To-the-second predictions;
  • Predictions for multiple stops of your choice, even across agencies;
  • Nearest stops by global positioning system (GPS) and direction of travel;
  • Information about the next or previous stop on a route;
  • Close-up vicinity maps for terminals;
  • Off-route vehicle locations and nearest stop;
  • Gap times and scheduled headways between vehicles;
  • Statistics on gaps and headways;
  • Information about how far each vehicle is behind (or ahead of) schedule;
  • Alternative schedule-based predictions;
  • Vehicle locations by fleet number; and
  • Vehicle run numbers.

You can access TransSee information about the TTC here, about YRT here and about GRT here.