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Queens Quay track construction
continues June 7

TTC crews continue rebuilding the streetcar tracks on Queens Quay West, as part of Waterfront Toronto’s project to upgrade the streetscape.

Last week, crews were partially blocking two more intersections on Queens Quay West — at York Street and Rees Street — as they rebuild the TTC streetcar tracks across the intersections. Contractors expect work at the intersections to continue for about two to three more weeks.

During the work crews maintain westbound traffic on Queens Quay through the intersections, but will not permit vehicles to travel northbound onto York or Rees Streets from Queens Quay West. Vehicles also won’t be able to proceed southbound onto Queens Quay from the two streets.

The contractors will create a safe north-south pedestrian crossing on the west side of each intersection during this period. The TTC will also relocate its stops on the west side of the intersections.

York Street will remain open for local traffic, south of Harbour Street, including the bus lay-by area. “Paid-duty” Toronto Police Service officers will help direct traffic. Through traffic won’t be able to proceed to Queens Quay from York Street, though.

Rees Street will remain open to local traffic, including the parking garage for 250 / 260 / 270 Queens Quay West. Temporary parking lay-bys will also be available. Through traffic won’t be able to proceed to Queens Quay from Rees Street.

North- and southbound access to 77 / 99 Harbour Square from York Street will not be available during this work. Vehicles must enter from Queens Quay West from Bay Street. Harbour Square residents may also use the service laneway on the south side of the building which exits onto Bay Street.

Access to York Slip laneway will remain open. Vehicles must enter from Queens Quay West from Bay Street.

Robertson Crescent will remain open in its current one-way configuration with access from Queens Quay West only. Vehicles traveling westbound along Queens Quay West must enter at the west leg of Robertson Crescent and exit from the east leg. Southbound access to Robertson Crescent from Rees Street will not be available.

Crews have begun building the new roadway on Queens Quay. To date, they’ve completed the base slab and asphalt in the intersection with Lower Simcoe Street, allowing them to reopen the intersection.

TTC crews delivered rail for the York and Rees Street intersections last week and a panel for the Spadina Loop. They’ve now delivered nearly all of the rail east of Lower Spadina Avenue. An additional overnight rail delivery may occur next week for the remaining area east of the Peter Slip Bridge.

The contractors have multiple crews working this weekend, Saturday, June 7 and Sunday, June 8.

  • at York and Rees Streets: TTC crews continue rebuilding the streetcar tracks across the intersections.
  • Peter Slip Bridge area: TTC crews are excavating, or digging out, the future site of the the tracks east of the bridge.
  • Spadina Loop east entrance: TTC crews are rebuilding the tracks beside Shoppers Drug Mart.

Crews are also working on site electrical work for the streetcar track corridor in areas across the site. Some night work may take place.

Crews continue installing the foundations for poles to support the TTC’s overhead wires, street lights and signals, focusing on installing pole foundations in and around the Spadina / Queens Quay Loop area. They’ll also begin installing the poles between Lower Simcoe and York Streets.

The TTC continues to replace streetcars operating along the 509 Harbourfront and 510 Spadina routes with buses during this project.