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Win dollars for your PRESTO card
at YRT / Viva event, August 9

You can win dollars for your PRESTO card at the York Region Transit /Viva PRESTO Cash Cube event this Friday, August 9.

PRESTO card holders will have 15 seconds to acquire as many PRESTO dollars as possible. Entrants will gain one dollar on their current PRESTO e-purse value for every PRESTO dollar they acquire inside the PRESTO Cash Cube.

The event takes place from 1 until 7 p.m. in the Richmond Hill Centre Terminal.

You must own an active, loaded PRESTO card before you can participate by entering the PRESTO Cash Cube. You’ll have 15 seconds to acquire as many PRESTO dollars as possible and insert them within the PRESTO Cash Cube collection box. YRT and Viva staff will count the PRESTO dollars and then add the amount that you collected onto your active PRESTO card.

Each PRESTO dollar is equivalent to one actual e-purse dollar and winning amount will be added onto contestant’s active PRESTO card. You must surrender all PRESTO dollars at time of event and you cannot redeem them at a later time.

You can view the complete contest rules here. (.pdf)

PRESTO services and fee-waived cards will be available at this event. Register a new $19 PRESTO card at this event and YRT will waive your $6 setup fee. If you already use PRESTO, stop by for customer support or to reload and unblock your card. You can only buy and load your cards with cash and debit payment at the event.