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Hanlan water project
affects MiWay service, starting July 31 (*)

Update — Friday, March 7, 2014, 6:09 p.m.: Starting Monday, March 10, more work on the project affects service along the 5 Dixie route on Dixie Road between Bloor Street and Golden Orchard Drive. It also affects service along the 5 Dixie and 23 Lakeshore routes on Lakeshore Road East between Strathy Avenue and Haig Boulevard. Delays continue until March 28.

Update — Thursday, December 19, 6:32 p.m.: All lanes of Lakeshore Road East between Fergus Avenue and Deta Road reopened to traffic today. Construction continues at Lakeshore East and Westmount and on Ogden at Lakeshore East.

Update — Saturday, November 23, 6:44 p.m.: From, Monday, November 25 until Thursday, January 2, 2014, more work on the project affects service along the 5 Dixie route on Ogden Avenue.

Update — Saturday, September 21, 12:16 p.m.: Starting Thursday, September 26, more work on the project blocks traffic lanes at Lakeshore Road East and Westmount Avenue, further delaying buses operating along the 23 Lakeshore route.

The Hanlan Water Project is the Region of Peel’s largest and most extensive water infrastructure project.

Hanlan Water Project.jpg

The project requires contractors to install a 2,400-mm (2.4 metres or 8 foot) diameter Hanlan Feedermain and a 1,500-mm (1.5 metres or 5 foot) Mississauga City Centre Subtransmission Watermain.

The feedermain extends about 14.5 kilometres (9 miles) from the Lakeview Water Treatment Plant on Lake Ontario to the Hanlan Reservoir and Pumping Station at Tomken Road and Britannia Road East.

The subtransmission main extends about six kilometres from the reservoir to the intersection of Cawthra Road and Burnhamthorpe Road.

Contractors started working on the project in 2011 and expect to finish by mid-2016.

Primarily, they’ll be working:

  • by open cut: digging a trench and laying the water pipe in the trench; and
  • by tunneling: digging two shafts and then using special equipment to dig under the surface of a road to install the pipe.

The work will affect traffic and MiWay service along a number of major streets in Mississauga, including Lakeshore Road East, Dixie Road, Eastgate Parkway, Tomken Road and Cawthra Road.

Starting Thursday, July 31, the work restricts traffic in both directions along Lakeshore Road East between Fergus Avenue and Deta Road.

MiWay passengers riding buses operating along the 5 Dixie and 23 Lakeshore routes should expect delays.

MiWay will operate more buses along the two routes, starting Tuesday, September 3 to help keep service on schedule and reduce delays in service to passengers.

(And an earlier detour along the 76 City Centre - Subway route also resulted from work on the project at Burnhamthorpe Road East and Cawthra Road.)

Historical footnote (not about transit history, though): Region of Peel feedermains take the name of the pumping station or reservoir they supply, so the Hanlan Feedermain supplies the Hanlan Pumping Station.

Long before anyone thought about building a pumping station there, a small community developed along Britannia Road between Dixie and Tomken Roads. Eventually the village assumed the name “Hanlan”, to honour famous Canadian oarsman Edward “Ned” Hanlan, who was the world rowing champion from 1880 to 1884. Hanlan later operated a hotel on Toronto Island, close to today’s Hanlan’s Point.