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In the news: Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Greater Toronto and Golden Horseshoe area media report on public transit issues today.

Greater Toronto Area
  • 680 All News Radio report, “Report suggests Toronto transit improvement could be funded with distance-based fares”, here.
  • CBC News Toronto report, “Report suggests TTC customers pay more”, here.
  • CityNews Toronto report, “Finance TTC transit expansion with zone fares: report”, here.
  • CityNews Toronto report, “City seeks feedback to fund Toronto transit”, here.
  • CP24 report, “Report recommends distance-based transit fares, road tolls”, here.
  • CTV News Toronto report, “Going further? Pay more: Distance-based pricing can improve GTA transit, report says”, here.
  • Globe and Mail article, “Stintz will discuss zone-based TTC fares — once PRESTO fare card in place”, here.
  • National Post article, “Kathleen Wynne says transit is ‘a huge priority’ for her ahead of meeting with Toronto Mayor Rob Ford”, here.
  • National Post article, “Company offers to pay $4.5M more to run newsstands than contract accepted by TTC”, here.
  • Newstalk 1010 report, “Report Recommends Distance-Based Fare System to Pay For Transit Expansion”, here.
  • See. Click. Fix post, “Bad kerning at Dufferin Station”, here.
  • Spacing Toronto post, “EVENT: Metropolis and Mobile Life”, here.
  • Spacing Toronto post, “STREET SCENE: All the way over - back with pride”, here.
  • Steve Munro’s post, “What’s This Photo Doing on Metrolinx’ Website? (Updated)”, here.
  • Steve Munro post, “Seven”, here.
  • The Grid post, “What do we want from the TTC customer charter?”, here.
  • Torontoist post, “A Miracle Elixir for Toronto?”, here.
  • Toronto Star article, “Incoming premier Kathleen Wynne pledges to tackle GTA gridlock”, here.
  • Toronto Star editorial, “Toronto Mayor Rob Ford criticizes TTC chair Karen Stintz on Gateway”, here.
  • Toronto Sun article, “Toronto spending $372Gs to learn how we want to pay for transit”, here.
Elsewhere in the Greater Golden Horseshoe