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Peterborough Transit raises fares, January 2

Peterborough Transit is increasing its fares starting Wednesday, January 2, 2013. According to transit staff, the new fares “reflect the higher cost of operating transit services in the city”.

Starting January 2, the regular cash fare will be $2.50, up from $2.25. A 30-day adult or student pass will set you back $60, $5 more than the current price of $55. Seniors and children will have to pay $40, instead of $33, for a monthly pass.

You can review the new fares here.

Peterborough City Council approved the new fares when it approved the City of Peterborough’s 2013 operating budget in December.

However, Peterborough Transit riders are also receiving some good news. Starting Sunday, May 5, they can expect PT to revise its routes and improve its service in a number of other ways, including more frequent service. PT buses start dropping off or picking up passengers every 20 minutes Mondays to Fridays from about 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. at stops along four routes that day.