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Toronto Transit Commission agrees to end contract
of Chief General Manager Gary Webster

After meeting for more than two hours “in camera” (meaning, privately), the Toronto Transit Commission today approved a motion to end the contract of the TTC’s Chief General Manager Gary Webster.

The commission approved the motion in a close vote during a special meeting, with five commissioners in favour and four opposing the motion.

Councillors Vince Crisanti, Frank Di Giorgio, Norm Kelly, Denzil Minnan-Wong and Cesar Palacio supported the motion. TTC chair, Councillor Karen Stintz and the vice-chair, Councillor Peter Milczyn opposed the motion, as did fellow commissioners, Councillors Maria Augimieri and John Parker.

Webster’s termination comes into effect immediately. The TTC’s chief operating officer, Andy Byford will replace Webster on an interim basis.

We’ll be writing more about this action over the next several days. (As a former City of Toronto employee, I’m much too angry to write objectively about this issue right now). In the meantime, here’s what some of the local media are reporting: