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City buying more land to extend subway

The City of Toronto wants to buy property along the east side of Keele Street between Sheppard and Finch Avenues West. The City needs the land for the project to extend the Spadina leg of the TTC’s 1 Yonge - University - Spadina subway from Downsview Station to the Vaughan Corporate Centre.

This week, last week and next week, ads in the Toronto Star officially notify the public that the City intends to expropriate parts of 3675 - 3677, 3685, 3695, 3701, 3711 - 3715 and 3725 Keele Street and 47, 53 and 77 St. Regis Crescent to build and operate the subway beneath the properties. (Provincial legislation requires municipalities to advertise expropriations three times.)

The City is also intending to buy part of 3975 Keele Street to extend Murray Ross Parkway eastward to serve a commuter parking lot at the future Finch West Station. It also wants part of 1150 Finch Avenue West to extend Four Winds Drive eastward to serve the bus terminal at the same station.

The City advertised its plans to expropriate another part of 1150 Finch Avenue West and 3933, 3939 and 3975 Keele Street for Finch West Station in April, 2009.