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Burlington Transit eliminates weekly and day passes:
Passengers start using PRESTO fare cards in May

December was the last month during which Burlington Transit passengers could buy and use weekly and daily passes.

BT no longer accepts the passes starting tomorrow, Friday, January 1.

Although BT has not explained why it’s eliminating these passes, it is also getting ready to launch PRESTO fare technology in Burlington. BT and Oakville Transit passengers will be among the first in the Greater Toronto Area to use smart cards to pay transit fares.

The Government of Ontario, GO Transit and municipal transit partners in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area are sponsoring this new electronic fare system. PRESTO equipment is already starting to appear in Burlington Transit buses.

“Adult” Burlington Transit passengers start using PRESTO cards this May, while seniors and students can use the cards in September.

The PRESTO card uses the latest technology to make it easier to pay your fare while traveling within and between transit systems.

PRESTO lets you ride on any participating transit system without having to buy tickets beforehand or having to search for the correct change. The card uses “stored-value” in the form of a common electronic purse (or “e-purse”) to pay all fares.

You can fill your e-purse by “loading” your card with an amount that you choose. You can use the card to pay your transit fare until you “empty” the e-purse — or until your refill it by loading more value onto the card. You can fill your e-purse on line at, at GO and municipal customer service outlets or by calling 1-8-PRESTO-123 (1-877-378-6123).

If you register your card, your can also set up your account to automatically add value to your card. And, if you register your card you can also replace the value of your card if you lose it or someone steals it, unlike tickets, tokens, passes or cash.

The card is the size of a debit card so it fits easily into your wallet, purse or pocket. You simply tap your card onto a reader on a bus or at a station. The system deducts the fare from the balance on your card in less than a second.