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Streetcars return to St. Clair, December 20

The TTC is resuming streetcar service along the 512 St. Clair route for the first time since — well, probably, since August, 2007 for some parts of the route, although construction has been taking place at least since August, 2005.

On Sunday, December 20, streetcars return to St. Clair Avenue West between the Earlscourt Loop (at the southwest corner of St. Clair and Lansdowne Avenues) and St. Clair Station on Yonge Street. Passengers no longer have to transfer at St. Clair West Station to travel between points from Lansdowne to Yonge.

Buses continue to serve the extreme west end of the route. Buses operate between Gunn’s Loop — west of Keele Street — and the Oakwood Loop on the northeast corner of St. Clair and Oakwood Avenues.

Steve Munro reports on his website that streetcars will operate more frequently than they did in 2007 and that passengers will enjoy shorter trips. In April 2007, streetcars arrived at each stop every three minutes Mondays to Fridays during morning rush hours, while next week, they’ll arrive every 2 minutes 45 seconds. Perhaps more important a one-way trip between Lansdowne and Yonge takes just 23½ minutes instead of 27 minutes.

The TTC uses its two heritage Presidents Conference Committee (PCC) streetcars free service to passengers who want to preview the new line on Saturday, December 19.

You can read more about the TTC / City of Toronto project to improve the streetcar service along St. Clair Avenue West here and here.

The Transit Toronto archives contains lots of information on the past and future of transit along St. Clair Avenue West.

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