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Mel Lastman Announces Waterfront Plan

By James Bow
Transit Toronto News Archive

Mel Lastman might finally achieve where so many other Toronto mayors have failed. By appearing alongside Ontario premier Mike Harris and Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien, he achieved unprecidented political backing to the long awaited redevelopment of the Waterfront. And what a plan he has put before us: parks, affordable housing, burying the Gardiner, rebuilding Union Station, and a streetcar line from Etobicoke Creek to the Rouge River. Can it be done?

The TTC has released its report on its projected capital spending for the next ten years. As a number of big purchases are coming up, the commission recommended handling some tasks early. This includes purchasing an additional 200+ T1s to replace the remaining H4s and the bulk of H5s. The construction of a second platform at Union Station was also mentioned. The streetcars and their tracks were also to come up for renewal in the next decade. The report recommends increasing the number and size of track reconstruction projects to spread out this cost. The report does not recommend rushing the rebuilding of streetcars before 2005, however, as that would only shorten their life span. At least the TTC still seems committed to maintaining its streetcars for decades to come. You can read this report (and more) online at the TTC’s official web site