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Benny Cheung got up at sunrise on December 27, 2013 to snap this fantastic picture of a Scarborough RT train lead by car 3016 as it entered Scarborough Centre station.

Though the Scarborough RT has been granted a reprieve thanks to confusion over its replacement (whether it be LRT or subway extension), the day are still numbered for this oddball segment of Toronto’s rapid transit network. Benny Cheung did a great job giving these cars an element of grace as they glided (perhaps not so gracefully) towards their final retirement.

You can read more about the Scarborough RT here (expect updates to follow as the situation regarding this line is fluid). We also have updates to our page on Wilson Yard and Garage, and more photos added to our Subway Work Car Fleet Gallery as well as a report on the modernization of Victoria Park station. Feel free to look around.

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