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Photographer Chris Drew was on hand on the morning of Monday, August 18, 2014, to catch one of the first YONGE trains entering the newly opened second platform of Union subway station. To celebrate, we’ve written up a history of Union subway station, and have gathered photographs commemorating the opening from Chris Drew, Eliot Rossi and others.

The major renovation of Union station gives us an excuse to launch work on a major new initiative on Transit Toronto: the subway station database. Over the next few months, now that our bus route histories are (almost) complete, we will be writing up histories and profiles of every station on the subway network, and we will be gathering photographs both current and historic to illustrate these articles. Stay tuned for further developments. Richard White is taking the lead on this, but any and all donations, especially of historic photographs of subway stations back in the day, would be greatly appreciated.

In other developments, we have a revision and update to the Scarborough RT page, because history continues to be written in this day and age. Also be sure to check out the new photos added to our Subway Work Car Fleet Gallery as well as a report on the H-6 Farewell Tour. Feel free to look around.

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