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Going Where No ALRV Has Gone Before

Text and Photos by James Bow

On Sunday, February 15, 1998, railfans and TTC employees came together to organize a special streetcar charter. Riders paid a $20 fare, with all proceeds from the event going to the Children’s Wish Foundation, and were treated to a six hour trip on board TTC ALRV #4223.

At the time, the ALRVs were just ten years old. Although they had been tested throughout the system, they had only been regularly scheduled on the 501 QUEEN, 507 LONG BRANCH and 511 BATHURST routes. Even 510 SPADINA hadn’t benefitted from their presence yet, and wouldn’t until a six week stint in the summer of 1999.

The organizers took advantage of this opportunity to send the ALRV along those routes that ALRVs rarely went to, avoiding Queen and Bathurst streets as much as possible. Railfans jumped at the opportunity to grab pictures of an ALRV at rare locations on Toronto’s streetcar network.

This was my first streetcar charter since getting heavily involved as a Toronto transit fan, and I was sure to take a lot of pictures. Of course, this was 1998, and I was a person of limited means, and so the quality of those pictures and the scans leave something to be desired compared to the cameras of 2015, but these pictures do log a special event in the history of the ALRV streetcar and in Toronto transitfanning.

1998 ALRV Charter Image Archive

I’d like to thank the TTC and the organizers of this charter for allowing me to have such a great time, and for providing so many photo opportunities for my first streetcar charter.