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The big news happening right now for regional transit in the Greater Toronto Area is the massive renovation of Union Station. It has been several months of frustration and awe, as costs have edged up, construction work has been delayed and contractors have tripped over each other, but amazing things are already in view of the hundreds of thousands of commuters which use Union Station every day. In this shot, taken by James Bow at the height of afternoon rush hour on July 4, 2014, shows many of these commuters rushing to their trains beneath a blue sky that they would not have seen just weeks before. The reconstruction of the roof is making great progress, and is producing some spectacular vistas already.

With all of the changes happening at Union Station, it has become a challenge to maintain the page on the history of this Toronto landmark, so we ended up splitting it in two. Part one focuses on the history of Union Station through the 19th and 20th centuries, covering the construction, the dreams, and the events which nearly resulted in this architectural gem being demolished and redeveloped. Part two takes us from the year 2000 into the present, covering the vision and the controversies surrounding the current plans to renovate and expand Union Station, and where the station goes from here.

This isn’t the only thing happening in this section of this website, however. We searching through and upgrading old articles, including this history of the Lakeshore GO line. We have added North Bathurst Yard, and we’ve added more historical photographs to many of our route history pages. In addition, were are trying to make this section of the web page a more representative of public transportation in the Greater Toronto Area as a whole, instead of just being about GO Transit. We have added and will add more local transit photographs to our regional transit gallery and follow that up with histories of the systems and the major non-GO projects happening around the GTA.

As always, your feedback and comments are appreciated, and photographs and suggestions for articles are always welcome. Transit Toronto would not be the resource it is without the contributions of transit enthusiasts like yourself. If you would like to contribute, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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