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Read these daily “on schedule” posts to find news and other information that affects your daily commute. You’ll learn about public meetings, special events and construction projects that affect transit services today.

Weekend events affect transit services, March 26

In Toronto, events, festivals, road races or parades occur most weekends from early April until late October, generally resulting in the City closing streets and the TTC detouring transit services.

The Greek Independence Day Parade affects Toronto transit services this weekend, while the festival (and road race!) season has already started elsewhere in the Greater Golden Horseshoe, as the Around the Bay Road Race blocks the streets of Burlington and, especially, Hamilton.

TTC revises routes and services, starting March 26

The TTC is making fairly minor changes to its services, starting Sunday, March 27.

In particular, it’s reorganizing the various branches of the 73 Royal York route, to operate extra rush-hour service further north along the route.

It’s also revising service levels along three streetcar routes to continue to provide a reliable service during upcoming construction projects (although it also cancelled one of those projects after it drew up the schedules for this service period.

  • TTC: “Service Changes”, here.
  • TTC: “Service Summary, February 12, 2017 to March 25, 2017”, here. (.pdf)
  • TTC: “Service Summary, March 26, 2017 to May 6, 2017”, here. (.pdf)
  • Steve Munro: “TTC Service Changes, Effective March 26, 2017”, here.
  • Triplinx.

Eglinton - Crosstown LRT -- Yonge / Eglinton:
TTC evening and overnight detours, March 22 / 23

eglinton crosstown logo.pngMetrolinx contractors continue working to build the future Eglinton - Crosstown light rail transit line.

The contractors have removed one of two tunnel-boring machines from an extraction shaft on Eglinton Avenue East at Holly Street.

Tonight, Wednesday, March 22, crews operate a crane to lift parts of the machine onto a truck to haul them away to storage.

The City of Toronto is closing

  • Eglinton Avenue East between Dunfield Avenue and Holly Street

from 9 p.m. tonight until 5 a.m. tomorrow, Thursday, March 22, to accommodate the evening work.

The TTC is detouring buses operating along these routes, while the street is closed:

  • 34 Eglinton East;
  • 51 Leslie;
  • 54 Lawrence East;
  • 56 Leaside;
  • 332 Eglinton West overnight;
  • 334 Eglinton East overnight; and
  • 354 Lawrence East overnight.


Most of these buses are already detouring to accommodate other work on the project.

Eglinton - Crosstown LRT: "Tele Town Halls":
March 20 to April 18

eglinton crosstown logo.pngMetrolinx contractors continue working to build the future Eglinton - Crosstown light rail transit line.

Starting tonight, Monday, March 20, the Crosstown team is hosting four “tele town halls”. (These events complement an ongoing series of station open houses.) These live and interactive phone meetings are similar to radio call-in shows. The tele town halls provide you and other residents living near the Eglinton corridor the opportunity to join the conversation to ask the team questions about the project.

If you live in these areas, the team will be calling you, and if you’d like to participate or listen in, all you have to do is stay on the line when they call.

If you are interested in participating, but don’t have a landline, you can still join. Connect to the call from your cellular phone by dialing 1-877-229-8493, ID Code: 112697 at 7 p.m. each of the four evenings. Alternatively, you can tune into The Crosstown Facebook page to link to a web audio stream.

Toronto Transit Commission meets, March 22

The Toronto Transit Commission meets this Wednesday, March 22 at 1 p.m. in Committee Room #1, City Hall, 100 Queen Street West.

The commission is the TTC’s board of directors. It oversees matters of policy and planning, building, maintaining and operating the TTC system and expanding its services and facilities.

Commissioners include City of Toronto councillors and members of the public.

No subway service, Kennedy to Warden,
March 18, 19


This weekend, Saturday, March 18 and Sunday, March 19, the TTC is closing Line 2 (Bloor - Danforth) between Warden and Kennedy stations, while crews replace tracks and maintain switches on that part of the line.

It’s operating frequent express shuttle buses between the two stations.

Both stations are open so you can buy passes, tokens, tickets and other fare media and connect with buses. Line 3 (Scarborough) trains continue to operate with their regular weekend schedules.

The TTC has assigned Wheel-Trans buses to operate between Victoria Park and Kennedy stations for passengers requiring an accessible connection. (Victoria Park station has an elevator.) Speak to any TTC employee to ask for Wheel-Trans.

Regular subway service resumes 6 a.m. Monday, March 20.

The TTC is not planning to close this section of Line 2 during another weekend this year.

According to the TTC, “Maintaining subway infrastructure in a state-of-good-repair is critical to ensuring a safe, reliable transit system. While the TTC does much of its maintenance work on the subway at the conclusion of service each night, it will continue to require weekend closures to complete improvements to infrastructure and signals, such as automatic train control. One weekend of work during a subway closure equals about five weeks of nightly work.”

In this video, the TTC’s chief executive officer, Andy Byford and executive director of corporate communications, Brad Ross, further explain why the TTC closes parts of its subway network weekends:

Weekend events affect transit services,
March 17, 19

Events in Guelph and Toronto affect transit services this weekend.

March 17 is Transit Driver Appreciation Day


In Toronto (and probably most other places), the most you ever hear from people about their bus or streetcar driver… is usually a complaint.

Today, Friday, March 17, is the day to change that during the annual Transit Driver Appreciation Day.

Consider this: For hours on end, transit drivers manage to keep a schedule, check fares, give directions, remember stop requests and more, all while safely maneuvering an extra-large vehicle through unpredictable traffic, adverse weather conditions and some really tight spaces! The fact is, transit drivers don’t have an easy job, they just make it look that way.

Today, celebrate the contributions of your hard-working bus and streetcar drivers and train operators! That could be as simple as a smile and a wave when you board the bus or train and a “thank you” when you leave. You can also print out and personalize any of the thank-you cards here to show your appreciation in person and you can help spread the word using the sharing links. And, don’t forget to submit an official commendation for a job well done, so your transit agency can formally recognize your drivers for their efforts. (You can do that any time of year!)

OK, so maybe it’s not an official holiday… yet. Here’s your chance to help us spread the word and make it a tradition!

School bus drivers have their day to shine, and so do truck drivers. Some riders in Seattle conceived Transit Driver Appreciation Day in 2009 and we think it’s a great way to honour the many hard-working men and women who keep us all moving every day.

March 18 is usually Transit Appreciation Day, but most transit agencies are marking the occasion on the nearest weekday, which is today. Why March 18? That’s the day in 1662 that Blaise Pascal — mathematician, inventor, physicist, philosopher, author and general savant — started operating an omnibus service in Paris.


In the news: Thursday, March 16, 2017

Greater Toronto and Golden Horseshoe area media report on public transit issues today.

Greater Toronto Area
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Elsewhere in the Greater Golden Horseshoe

Brampton Transit public information centres:
March 23 to 30

Brampton Transit is hosting its annual public information centres acorss the city. You can learn about proposals to revise BT service and share your feedback about the plans with transit staff.

(The proposals will be on-line soon.)

Staff have scheduled events: