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Current map of the 74 Mount Pleasant bus route

Compiled by Jeffrey Kay; Text by James Bow

The history of Mount Pleasant’s trolley buses begins on June 19, 1922, when wires were strung along Merton Street west from Yonge and north on Mount Pleasant to Eglinton Avenue and Toronto’s first trolley buses replaced Toronto’s second bus route. At that time, wires were also strung along Eglinton Avenue between Yonge and Mount Pleasant for non-revenue trips to Eglinton carhouse, where the vehicles were stored. No loops were provided, and buses had to wye at both ends of the line. Given that the line was barely a mile and a quarter long, this must have been a tedious job for the drivers.

By all accounts, the route (assigned #2) was well travelled. Indeed, traffic increased so much that the TTC decided to extend the St. Clair streetcar east on St. Clair and north on Mount Pleasant to Eglinton. The experimental trolley bus line fell on August 31, 1925. It seems only fitting that the 1970’s 74 Mount Pleasant trolley bus ended up replacing that same streetcar extension.

It wasn’t what the TTC intended, though. In 1975, the TTC broke off the portion of the St Clair streetcar east of St Clair station and operated it as a separate streetcar route. It was committed to maintain streetcar service on Mount Pleasant Avenue, but its decision was effectively vetoed by the Metro Roads Department when the time came to replace bridges along Mount Pleasant Avenue. Residents wanting quiet transit service got that in the form of trolley buses.

There were no short turn loops on this route, and no official branches. Streetcars used to be able to turn back at St. Clair and Mount Pleasant (Moore Park Loop) but this loop was abandoned and converted into a parkette. The route itself was converted to diesel bus operation on December 28, 1991 when the Eglinton Garage closed its trolley coach operations, shutting down 74 MOUNT PLEASANT, 61 NORTOWN WEST and 103 NORTOWN EAST. Service on route 74 was provided by 2 vehicles to maintain 15 minute headways, and this service has dropped in recent years.

The TTC considered amalgamating the 74 MOUNT PLEASANT and the 103 MOUNT PLEASANT NORTH bus services into a single route operating from Davisville Station via Yonge and Merton Street, but decided against the move when residents south of Merton complained about the loss of service. The Merton Street bus would have been an interesting echo of the original trolley bus service.

A Chronological History of 74 Mount Pleasant

July 25, 1976

The section of the ST. CLAIR streetcar route east of the Yonge Subway is replaced temporary by two shuttle bus routes, during the reconstruction of the bridge on Mt. Pleasant just south of Merton over the Belt Line railway.

The north route runs from Davisville Station east on Davisville and north on Mt. Pleasant to the loop just north of Eglinton, and return over the reverse routing. The south route runs from St. Clair Station upper loop east on St.Clair, north on Mt. Pleasant, east on Moore, south on Welland and west on St. Clair back to St. Clair Station. The reverse looping is followed by the south route during the AM peak period.

October 2, 1976

Through service on Mt. Pleasant is restored using diesel buses between St. Clair Station (upper loop) and the Mt. Pleasant Loop just north of Eglinton on east side of Mt. Pleasant. This may have been the date that route number 74 was first applied to this bus service. Confirmation requested.

November 20, 1977

Trolley Coaches replace diesel buses over the same route.




7 days a week, 18 hours a day

December 28, 1991

Last day of Trolley Coach operation on the MT. PLEASANT route. Service continues to be operated by diesel buses. Within a few days buses are rerouted at the south end via Avoca and Pleasant Blvd. into the lower loop at St.Clair Station. The exact date of this routing change is not known.




7 days a week, 18 hours a day

February 18, 1996

Due to reduced government subsidies, services are reduced system wide including the elimination of evening service (after 7 p.m.) Monday through Saturday and all Sunday service.











Monday to Friday, rush hours and midday
Saturday, daytime hours

February 14, 1999

Routes 103 MOUNT PLEASANT NORTH and 74 MOUNT PLEASANT were to be combined on this date, into a single route running from Davisville Station via Yonge, Merton, and Mt. Pleasant to Doncliffe Loop. This was not implemented due to the concerns of local residents.

November 23, 2008

As part of the TTC’s Ridership Growth Strategy, service is increased so that buses on this route operate seven days a week, at intervals of 30 minutes or better, whenever the subway is open.

May 8, 2011

As part of a system-wide series of service reductions due to municipal budget cuts, all service after 7 p.m. every day is eliminated.

September 4, 2015

Seven day a week evening service is restored. Buses now operate at intervals of 30 minutes or better whenever the subway is open.

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