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Text by James Bow and Robert Lubinski

Ontario Bus Industries (OBI) was incorporated in 1975 by the Government of Ontario. It was designed to build a local industry for transit vehicles and was a bus counterpart to Ontario’s railcar-producing Urban Transit Development Corporation. At the time, transit agencies in Ontario had 75% of their capital expenses paid for by the Ontario government, and all agencies were strongly encouraged to buy local. Early Orion buses were hand-built individually by the plant workers. As the number of orders for Orion buses increased, a standard assembly-line system was created and OBI was able to produce a larger number of buses. As a result, OBI supplied greater numbers of buses for numerous transit agencies throughout the province, including the Toronto Transit Commission.

OBI was primarily based out of Mississauga Ontario, but also opened a plant in Oriskany, New York, to try and break into the American market. The provincial government eventually divested itself of OBI, selling the company to Western Star Trucks and the company was renamed Orion in 1995, after its brand of buses. In the year 2000, it was acquired by DaimlerChrysler, and it was eventually renamed Daimler Buses North America after Daimler divested itself of Chrysler, while Orion remained as the brand name for city transit buses. After supplying buses to many larger transit systems including those in New York, San Francisco and Seattle as well as to many smaller systems in the north-eastern USA and Ontario, in the spring of 2012 Daimler announced it would bow out of the city transit bus market, terminating all production of Orion buses.

The Orion I

The Orion 1s were the shortest buses the TTC purchased since the 1960s. Just thirty feet long, they were built on the principle that their smaller size and lighter weight would save the commission money on fuel. Their smaller capacity was designed for service on more lightly-travelled routes. When delivered, the Orion I’s were originally split between Eglinton and Davenport divisions. The first batch of nine buses (numbered 8370-8378) were originally delivered in 1981 in the TTC’s red and cream paint scheme, just as the TTC was transitioning to its new corporate colours. Reportedly the TTC was not happy with the appearance of the Orion Is in the red and cream and they were quickly repainted into the new colours in a variation of the paint scheme used on the CLRVs.

These buses based at Eglinton originally operated on the newly-introduced 78 ST. ANDREWS and 115 SILVER HILLS routes, in addition to more lightly travelled routes such as 19 CHURCH, 101 EDWARDS GARDENS and 1 ARMOUR HEIGHTS. In later years they could be seen on the 97 YONGE route (particularly the 97B Steeles to Front branch) and on the 142 PREMIUM EXPRESS via AVENUE RD. route when it was inaugurated.

In 1982 an additional 10 buses were delivered (numbered 8730-8739), which were assigned to Davenport division. These buses sported a simpler paint scheme of mostly white, with a red stripe under the windows and black around the windows. These buses operated on the 7E BATHURST (St. Clair West Station to Wilson Station branch, when it operated seven days a week), 33 FOREST HILL (where they encountered crush problems when school let out), 82 ROSEDALE and 127 DAVENPORT routes.

The promised cost savings did not materialize, however, as the TTC discovered that most expensive part of a bus was its driver. These vehicles continued to operate until the early 1990s when they were retired from TTC service and sold to other transit properties and private operators.

Orion I Image Archive

An Orion 1 painted in the TTC's old maroon and cream livery. The Orions are new enough that one painted in the old colours looks rather odd indeed. Photo donated from the collection of Brad O'Brien.

TTC Orion I bus 8732 runs west on MacPherson Avenue, near Davenport and Spadina, some time in the late 1980s. Photo by John Calnan.

TTC Orion I bus #8370 heads west on Wellington bearing a 19 CHURCH rollsign on March 25, 1981. This image, taken by Ted Wickson, is almost a before and after on this one. But this shot of the older red and cream bus scheme was snapped a week later.

Ted Wickson caught this shot of Orion I TTC bus #8378 on Wellington Avenue, heading westbound past Simcoe Street in service on the 19 CHURCH route on March 16, 1981.

TTC Orion I bus #8736 departs St. Clair West station in service on the 7E BATHURST branch in this October 1982 shot. The photographer is unknown and the image is from the John Knight collection.

TTC Orion I bus #8738 poses at Crescent Road with a special roll sign in this promotional shot taken on October 1, 1982. The photographer is Ted Wickson.

TTC Orion I bus #8739 is seen on Glen Road in operation on 82 ROSEDALE in this September 1983 shot. The photographer is unknown; the photo is from the Pete Coulman collection.

The Orion II Wheel-Trans and Community Buses

The Orion II model addressed the need for a specialized vehicle to transport the disabled. OBI began work on the Orion II bus. The TTC purchased about 140 of these models for its Wheel-Trans service (numbered 9500-9640) beginning in 1985. These buses were short and offered lift-access to allow for driveway pick-up and drop-off of passengers through a ramp at the back of the bus, and through a ramp on the side door of the bus. The Orion IIs were all retired by 2002, replaced by specially-built Ford/Overland ELF buses.

The TTC also acquired seven of the longer version of the Orion II in 1990-1991 (numbered 9700-9705 and 9706 acquired used in 2007) for the 400-series of Community Bus routes, offering service between hospitals, seniors’ residences and shopping centres. These buses were retired in late 2012 with the introduction of seven of the new “Friendly” buses used for Wheel-Trans service modified for Community Bus service. All of the series were retired in 2012 and sold to Autobus Laval in 2013.

Orion II Image Archive

An Orion II Community Bus on display at the 1998 Bus Roadeo.

Orion/Ikarus Articulated (Orion III)

Click here for a more detailed look at the Ikarus articulateds.

The Orion IV

This Orion Bus Industries model never operated in Toronto. Instead, this model was purchased in 1985 for use on the People Mover system operating in Niagara Falls, Ontario. This unique-looking bus operated with a powered 37.5 ft long “tractor” unit, coupled to a 35.5 ft “trailer”. Eleven tractor-trailor units were purchased in all. These buses operated using liquified petroleum gas.

Orion IV Image Archive

Orion IV Bus NEC 6 pauses at a stop on the Niagara People Mover in Niagara Falls, Ontario. This shot was taken on July 29, 2007 by Will Tung.

The Orion V

The Orion V model was a new transit bus model for heavy-duty service, replacing the older Orion I design. Throughout 1991 and 1992 the TTC took delivery of 106 Orion Vs, replacing older GM ‘New Look’ models. The new buses were numbered 6640-6745 and came equipped with air conditioning, power steering, vandal-proof seats and easier access features. The buses were originally allocated in three groups to Birchmount, Queensway and Davenport divisions. During their career, they were also based out of Eglinton and Malvern divisions and were eventually split between Birchmount and Queensway divisions. With the opening of the Mt. Dennis division in late 2008, the Orion Vs were consolidated at that division and began to be retired. The last bus (6734) was retired in April 2010.

TTC also ordered 25 Orion Vs powered by Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) fuel which were based out of the Wilson division (numbered 9370-9394). With the TTC phasing out its natural gas fuel program, these were gradually retired with the last of the units pulled from service in the beginning of March 2005.

The first of Orion V lift-equipped buses were delivered in 1996. These represented the TTC’s earliest concerted effort to establish fully accessible bus service on its surface network, using wheelchair lifts so that passengers on wheelchairs could travel on regular service transit routes. These buses were also the first to be equipped with Luminator’s “MegaMax” destination signs, offering more flip-dots to provide greater visibility for passengers looking to see where their bus was heading. As with the earlier Orion V series, these buses were equipped with air conditioning and enhanced passenger assistance features. They were initially based out of Arrow, Malvern and Wilson divisions.

135 Orion V lift buses were diesel powered (numbered 7000-7134) and were split between Arrow Rd and Malvern divisions, while another fifty buses were powered using compressed natural gas (CNG), numbered from 9400-9449 and based out of the Wilson division. The 135 Orion V lifts were ordered to replace the Orion III articulated buses after the discovery of serious frame cracking and corrosion. The other 50 were originally part of an order for 100 CNG-powered Orion VI low floor accessible buses. However in an attempt to expedite delivery after production delays, half of the order was later built as lift-equipped buses.

Both versions of the Orion V lifts started their mid-life rebuilds in 2002. Following the phasing out of the TTC’s natural gas refuelling station, the CNG buses were converted to diesel using Cummins M11 engines. Bus 9402 was the first to be converted, receiving a new diesel engine (from a retired Flyer D40-90) in the summer of 2002. Bus 9400 was converted in early 2004 and the rest followed shortly thereafter.

Some of the diesel Orion V lift buses were based out of the new Eglinton division when it opened in 2002 to provide accessible service on several downtown routes which had been designated as accessible routes. Until then these buses were rarely seen in the downtown area. With the arrival of newer Orion VII buses, they were transferred to the Malvern division, consolidating the entire series at the one division.

The Orion V lift series is currently scheduled to be retired beginning in 2014.

Orion V Image Archive

In summer 2009, Orion V bus 7009 flies past new Orion VII hybrid 1708 while heading westbound on Finch Avenue East. Photo by Jonathan Chen.

TTC Orion V 6640 runs eastbound on Danforth Avenue, about to cross Victoria Park. Photo by David Cavlovic.

Orion V 6704 operates on the Ontario Place shuttle during a special event. Photo donated from the collection of Brad O'Brien.

Orion V 6707 and Orion Articualted 6411 depart the Scarborough Town Centre station. Photo donated from the collection of Brad O'Brien.

While heading north on Birchmount to Steeles, TTC Orion V #6711 stops to let passengers alight at Bonniewood Road. Photo taken on July 18, 2008 by Andrew Barton.

TTC Orion V 6720 runs eastbound on Danforth at Dawes on a 113 DANFORTH run to Kennedy Station. Photo by David Cavlovic.

TTC Orion V 6742 runs southbound on 64 MAIN at Danforth. Photo by David Cavlovic.

TTC Orion V bus 7008 pauses at Downsview Station's bus platform, in service on the 108 DOWNSVIEW route. Photo by Derek Chak.

TTC Orion V 7012 speeding away north on Yonge across from the North York Hydro building, in service on the 60C STEELES WEST route. Photo by David Cavlovic.

Lift-equipped TTC Orion V bus 7019 seen here at the Arrow Road Garage. Photo by Brad O'Brien

TTC Orion V bus #7023 loading passenger at Finch station on the lengthy 60D STEELES WEST run to Highway 27. A Malvern Orion VI can be seen in the background alighting passengers at the subway end of its 39D FINCH EAST run. Photo by David Cavlovic.

TTC Orion V bus #7053 runs eastbound on Finch at Dufferin in 36 FINCH WEST service. Photo by David Cavlovic.

TTC Orion V #7083 is seen operating on Eglinton Avenue East in service on the Express branch of 131 NUGGET on May 1, 2012. Photo by Jelo Gutierrez-Cantos.

Orions were a common visitor to Finch station. Here, TTC Orion V 7132 is pulling away from the 39D FINCH EAST bus bay for a long journey east. Photo by David Cavlovic.

TTC Orion V 9382 kicking up water northbound on Dufferin crossing Finch. Photo by David Cavlovic.

A misty Monday wet spring view of TTC Orion V CNG re-build 9389 on the 117 Alness route northbound on Wilson Heights, about to turn west onto Kennard in order to get on to Allen Road. Photo by David Cavlovic.

TTC Orion V 9389 pulls up to the stop on Allen Road at Overbrook, in service on the 117 ALNESS route. Photo by David Cavlovic.

Jeffrey Kay supplies this shot of TTC Natural Gas bus 9401 operating in the Common Area at York University.

Angelo Bowers captured this posed photograph of Orion V Natural Gas 9405 departing Wilson Garage for service on the 139 HUNTINGWOOD Route. At this time, 139 did not run out of Wilson Garage, but rather Malvern. Photo donated by Brad O'Brien.

TTC Orion V CNG 9406 is waiting at Downsview Station, chartered. Photo by David Cavlovic.

TTC Orion V bus #9412 is seen here in the off-street loop on McCowan Road just north of Steeles, in service on 302 DANFORTH-McCOWAN BLUE NIGHT on Monday, July 16, 2012. The photo is by TransitFan88 and is used with permission. Bus #9412 is based out of Wilson division, and so is not a usual visitor to this route, which is based out of Birchmount garage.

CNG Orion V vehicle 9420 displays its new bike rack at Dufferin Loop, in service on the 29 Dufferin route. Photo by Greg Northcott.

TTC Orion V bus Route 9438 enters the newly built Dufferin underpass north of Queen Street on its way to Wilson station in this November 2010 shot. Photo by Jeffrey Kay.

TTC Orion V CNG 9440 is at its halfway point on 98 WILLOWDALE-SENLAC service at Sheppard station, about to head up Willowdale Avenue. Notice the temporary boarding location. Photo by David Cavlovic.

TTC Orion V bus #9449, is seen here out of service at Spadina station's bus terminal on July 17, 2013. Photo by Mark David.

A busy rush hour long finished, rebuilt Orion V CNG 9377 rests at its 160 BATHURST NORTH bus bay at Wilson Stn. before heading north on a quieter journey to Centre Street in Vaughan. Photo by David Cavlovic.

TTC Orion V rebuild 6650 loads passengers in Bay 1 at Victoria Park station before the station's rebuild in 2010. Photo by David Cavlovic.

TTC Orion V bus #7034 picks up passengers at Scarborough Centre station, in service on 133 NEILSON. This photo was taken May 4, 2011 by Jelo Gutierrez Cantos.

TTC Orion V bus #7049 prepares to make a run to Kennedy from Scarborough Centre on the 131E NUGGET EXPRESS. Photo taken on May 4, 2011 by Jelo Gutierrez Cantos.

The Orion VI

Fifty of these CNG-powered buses were delivered in 1998. They were the TTC’s first low floor, wheelchair accessible buses. The other half of the order was to be 100 Orion VI CNGs numbered 9200-9299 but the half was changed to Orion V lifts instead. They were based out of Wilson division and mainly operated on the 161 ROGERS RD., 7 BATHURST, 29 DUFFERIN, 47 LANSDOWNE and 105 DUFFERIN NORTH routes. They were numbered 9200-9249 (re-using numbers previously used on the Flyer trolley coaches). Due to the all low-floor design, seating capacity was greatly reduced from high-floor bus models, and these buses were often filled to crush capacity when operating on busy routes.

When the TTC decided to phase out its natural gas program and convert the Orion V lift buses to diesel, it decided that the Orion VI series would not be converted and would be retired. By June 12, 2005, 48 of these buses remained in service. Further retirements quickly followed, and the entire series was retired by the end of 2006. As these buses only operated for eight years, they are among the shortest-lived series of regular TTC buses.

Orion VI Image Archive

TTC Orion VI 9243 on display at the 1998 Bus "Roadeo".

The Toronto Transit Commission's bus #9243, a Daimler Buses North America/Orion Bus Industries Orion 06.501 "VI" CNG model, out of service and parked on Yorkdale Road in North York, Ontario, Canada. This photo was taken on August 20, 2003, and this bus has since been retired from TTC service. Photo by GTD Aquitaine.

TTC Orion VI 9246 on display during a bus roadeo at the Arrow Road Garage, displaying a 12 KINGSTON ROAD route sign. Photo by Brad O'Brien.

The Orion VII

The Orion VII was the first bus model that the TTC purchased in the 21st century. Built with a stainless steel frame, low-floor front, and high floor back, the Orion VII addressed many of the complaints the TTC had about the Orion Vs and VIs, including poor quality construction, poor metals that corroded prematurely, inadequate passenger capacity, inadequate accessibility, and excessive emissions. The Orion VIIs used a stainless steel design that would not corrode like the earlier carbon steel frames. The bus was fully accessible, included the Luminator Horizon LED destination signs for greater visibility compared to the older flip-dot design, had more seats and floor space than other low-floor buses on the market, and employed a clean burning diesel engine.

Originally ordered in 2002 as a 220 unit, two year order for delivery in 2003 (7400-99) and 2004 (7500-7619), with an option for an additional 250 vehicles in 2005, which the TTC picked up in 2003 (7620-7881; an additional 12 vehicles were added in 2005, as compensation for Orion not delivering the 2003 and 2004 orders on time). The TTC placed additional orders with Orion for 330 more VIIs for delivery in 2006 and 2007; 180 were diesel-powered (80 buses numbered 7900-7979) to be delivered in 2006 and 100 buses numbered 8000-8099 to be delivered in 2007), while the remaining 150 would be diesel-electric hybrids to be delivered in 2006 (numbered 1000-1149). Diesel-electric hybrid buses were touted to reduce fuel-consumption by up to 25%, have reduced emissions, and operate more quietly than their diesel-counterparts. The Orion hybrid buses were equipped with the BAE Systems HybriDrive transmission. Buses in the first three hybrid orders were originally outfitted with roof-mounted lead-acid batteries, however these were found to be unreliable (and heavy) and they were replaced by lithium-ion batteries. The lithium-ion batteries take up less space resulting in the original boxy battery compartments on the roof being replaced with smaller ones.

The TTC ordered an additional 444 diesel-electric hybrid buses delivered between 2007 and 2010. These buses were the Orion VII “Next Generation” (NG) model, featuring a restyled front-end which appeared less boxy and square than the original model, frameless sleek side windows and some equipment changes. The hybrid buses were numbered in three series, 1200-1423 (224 buses), 1500-1689 (190 buses) and 1700-1829 (130 buses). The hybrid buses have been assigned to the Arrow Rd., Mt. Dennis, Wilson and Malvern divisions. Three buses have since been retired due to fires (1256, 1517 and 1671). Of the three fires, one was caused by arson, while two were caused by combustion in the engine compartments.

After operating the hybrid buses and finding that they were not generating the expected fuel savings and suffered from reliability issues, the TTC decided that it would switch the next order of buses back to the “clean” diesel model. 120 buses (numbered 8100-8219) were delivered in 2009-2010. These buses were originally assigned to the Wilson division but have since been split between Wilson and Birchmount divisions. Two additional orders for Orion VII NG diesel buses, 35 buses (numbered 8300-8334) and 60 buses (8335-8394) were delivered in 2011-2012. Two buses were added to the second order (8395-8396) to replace two buses retired prematurely. The 8300 series buses have a roof-mounted air conditioning unit and framed windows, distinguishing them from the previous order. This series was assigned to the Wilson division.

While there will be no further additions to the Orion fleet, the Orion VII has become the most common bus model operated by the TTC with orders totaling 1,574 buses and can be seen operating in all corners of Toronto, similar to the GM ‘New Look’ in its heyday.

Orion VII Image Archive

TTC Orion VII Hybrid 1092 departs Finch station for the rest of the 97 YONGE run to Steeles. Photo snapped on January 22, 2010 by Downsview7834.

TTC Orion VII HEV #1120 is seen at Scarborough Centre station running on 134 PROGRESS on June 8, 2011. Photo by Jelo Gutierrez-Cantos.

TTC Orion VII 1203 parked at Finch getting ready for a run on Route 53B Steeles East, taken on November 17, 2007. Photo by Michael Seong

TTC Orion VII NG Hybrid bus #1206 loading passengers on route 36 FINCH WEST at Finch Station. Photo taken on June 21, 2011 by Jelo Gutierrez-Cantos.

A shot of the interior of TTC Orion VII 1206, photographed November 24, 2007. Photo by Michael Seong.

TTC Orion VII 1206 parked at Finch getting ready for a run on Route 53B Steeles East, taken on November 24, 2007. Photo by Michael Seong

TTC Orion VII bus 1238 pulls into a stop just east of Bathurst in service on the 96 WILSON, on its way to York Mills station. The day is September 17, 2010. Photo by James Bow.

A rainy day at Downsview Station with TTC Orion VII NG Hybrid bus #1252 entering its maiden voyage westbound to Weston Road on route 84 SHEPPARD WEST. Photo taken on June 22, 2011 by Jelo Gutierrez-Cantos

TTC Orion VII NG Hybrid bus #1288 Laying over at Downsview Station on 108 DOWNSVIEW. Photo taken on June 22, 2011 by Jelo Gutierrez-Cantos.

Orion bus VII "Next Gen" #8124 runs eastbound along Adelaide Street East, operating on 143 BEACH EXPRESS service. Photo taken by Roman Fomin on February 8, 2013.

TTC Orion VII Hybrid Route 1514 pulls into Spadina station on the morning of Friday, September 17, 2010, in service on 127 DAVENPORT. This bus bay, on the southern side of the station, used to play host to the 77 SPADINA, while the Davenport buses loaded and unloaded on the north side. Now the north side handles all unloading, and the crowds have moved downstairs to the Spadina streetcar. Photo by James Bow.

TTC Orion VII Hybrid Route 1514 picks up passengers on the southern bus bay at Spadina station, before a westbound run on 127 DAVENPORT. Photo taken by James Bow on September 17, 2010.

TTC Orion VII Hybrid #1523 waits to turn west from Jane Street onto Dundas Street West during service on the 55 Warren Park route. Photo taken on April 4, 2010 by Andrew Barton.

TTC Orion VII Hybrid Route 1532 finishes a service run and heads out of Spadina station on its way back to its garage. This photo, snapped by James Bow, was taken on the morning of September 17, 2010.

TTC Orion VII Hybrid #1582 waits for a green light at the intersection of Keele Street and Dundas Street West in the heart of the Junction. Photo taken on November 29, 2008 by Andrew Barton.

Waiting to proceed east at the intersection of Rogers Road and Dufferin Street, TTC Orion VII Hybrid #1596 serves the 161 Rogers Road route on June 27, 2009. Photo by Andrew Barton.

TTC Orion VII "Next Gen" bus #1609 passes a pair of woman hurrying off to work, operating northbound on 6 BAY approaching King Street in the morning of July 4, 2014. Photo by James Bow.

TTC "Next Gen" Orion VII hybrid pulls into the bus bay at St. George station in service on 26 DUPONT on January 29, 2011. Photo by James Bow.

TTC Orion VII Hybrid 1617 crosses Earnscliffe Road on Oakwood, on its way to Eglinton West station on June 12, 2009. Photo by James Bow.

In summer 2009, Orion V bus 7009 flies past new Orion VII hybrid 1708 while heading westbound on Finch Avenue East. Photo by Jonathan Chen.

TTC Orion VII Hybrid #1713 seen on Bishop Avenue near Finch Station on route 53 STEELES EAST. The photo was taken on December 19, 2009 by Ryan Flores.

TTC Orion VII Hybrid 1738 heads east on Eglinton Avenue towards Brimley, in service on 21 BRIMLEY in the summer of 2010. Photo by Jelo Gutierrez Cantos.

In August 2011, the Google Street View car happened to be at the corner of Old Finch at Morningview in time to catch TTC Next Gen Orion VII bus 1776 in service in 131 NUGGET. On the edge of the Rouge Valley, it feels like the city is at its end.

TTC Orion VII bus Route 1800 pokes out from under the new Dufferin Street underpass, southbound at Queen Street in this November 2010 shot. Photo by Jeffrey Kay.

TTC Orion VII #7400, seen here leaving Scarborough Centre station in service on the 190 SCARBOROUGH CENTRE ROCKET on August 16, 2005. Photo by Richard Hooles.

Jonathon Markowski caught this picture of TTC Orion VII bus #7412 operating through Don Mills station in service on 190 SCARBOROUGH CENTRE ROCKET. This shot was taken in November 2006.

A rear view of Orion VII vehicle 7470, heading northbound on Yonge Street in this 2005 shot. Photo by Greg Northcott.

TTC Orion VII #7485 heads southbound, in service on the 57 MIDLAND route, on a rainy day in November 2009. Photo by Jelo Gutierrez Cantos.

This Orion bus VII #7499, in service on 25 DON MILLS route, reminds passengers of the recent TTC fare hike. Effective January 1, 2013, an extra cash fare of 5ยข will be required when using 2012 Senior/Student tickets. This image was taken and compiled by Roman Fomin on January 3, 2013.

TTC Orion VII bus 7537 crosses Lawrence Avenue northbound on a 97A "Yonge Blvd" run on July 12, 2006. Photo by James Bow

TTC Orion VII #7725 turns from Yonge Street onto Wellington Street West in the rainy evening of January 25, 2010. Caught by Roman Fomin.

TTC Orion VII bus #7831 heads northbound in service on 16 McCOWAN on a beautiful day in July 2009. Photo by Jelo Gutierrez Cantos.

TTC Orion VII #7840 on layover at Pape Station while serving the 81 Thorncliffe Park route on November 29, 2008. Photo by Andrew Barton.

TTC Orion VII bus #7853 turns from southbound Bay Street onto eastbound Front Street, where it will pick up passengers heading towards the St. Lawrence area, the Distillery District and the Port Lands. This shot was snapped on September 11, 2009 by James Bow.

Orion VII vehicle 7860 heads southbound on Yonge Street, just south of Eglinton, as part of the 5 AVENUE ROAD route. Photo by Greg Northcott.

Traffic on Yonge Street is no challenge to TTC Orion VII #7926 as it pulls out of Finch station, serving the 42A Cummer route to Middlefield Road. Photo taken on August 30, 2009 by Andrew Barton.

TTC Orion VII bus #7958 shown here on route 120 CALVINGTON at Wilson Station. Photo taken June 22, 2011 by Jelo Gutierrez Cantos.

Its rollsign left unadjusted from its inbound trip, TTC Orion VII #7976 pulls out of Rosedale Station on 82 Rosedale service. Photo taken on May 2, 2009 by Andrew Barton.

A woman waits in the winter chill on Davenport Road to board TTC Orion VII #7977, bound for Eglinton West Station on the 63 Ossington route. Photo taken on November 22, 2008 by Andrew Barton.

A straight-in view of TTC Orion VII #8049 as it departs Kipling Station for Long Branch Loop on 123 Shorncliffe service. Photo taken on May 24, 2009 by Andrew Barton.

Just shy of the Toronto-Mississauga border, TTC Orion VII #8067 turns east from Westmall Crescent onto Dundas Street West, bound for Kipling Station on the 112 West Mall route. Photo taken on July 12, 2008 by Andrew Barton.

TTC Orion VII "Next Gen" bus #8349 poses at Sheppard station in service on 98 WILLOWDALE-SENLAC on March 8, 2012. This photo is by Ryan Flores and is used in accordance with his Creative Commons license.

On November 29, 2008, Andrew Barton took this picture of TTC Orion VII hybrid Route 1622 in service on 40 JUNCTION, heading northwest at Indian Grove. This picture has been released into the public domain.

TTC Orion VII Hybrid #1051 turns from St. Clair onto Vaughan, in service on the "Oakwood" branch of the 90 VAUGHAN route. This picture was shot April 23, 2010 by Downsview7834.

TTC Orion VII 1084 waits at Eglinton station to begin a run to Steeles on 51 LESLIE. This shot, taken on December 27, 2009, was taken by Downsview7834.

TTC Orion VII Hybrid Route 1333 pulls up to the Canadian Air and Space Museum at the end of its 101 PARC DOWNSVIEW PARK run, around noon on September 17, 2010. Photo by James Bow.

TTC Orion VII #1500 turns from St. Clair onto Vaughan, heading towards Eglinton Avenue in this June 5, 2008 shot. Photo by Ryan Flores.

TTC Orion VII Next generation hybrid #1539 approaches passengers of 11 BAYVIEW on the rainy morning of September 28, 2010. This photo is taken by Jelo Gutierrez Cantos.

TTC Orion VII Hybrid bus #1675 pauses at Eglinton West station in service on 32 EGLINTON WEST. This photo was taken on June 14, 2011 by James Bow.

TTC Orion VII "Next Generation" bus #1754 pauses at Scarborough Centre station in service on 133 NEILSON. This photo was taken on May 4, 2011 by Jelo Gutierrez Cantos.

TTC Orion VII bus #8173 crosses Yonge Street eastbound, about to enter service on 78 ST. ANDREWS on June 22, 2010. This photo was taken by Ryan Flores.

Jelo Gutierrez Cantos photographs the new TTC Orion VII 'EPA10' #8305 waiting passengers on 104 FAYWOOD at Wilson station's lower terminal on June 22, 2011.

TTC Orion VII Hybrid Route 1031 operating on 71 RUNNYMEDE, pulls into a recently rebuilt Gunns loop on the morning of September 17, 2010. Photo by James Bow.


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