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Birchmount Garage

Text by Godfrey Mallion
Revised by Jelo Gutierrez Cantos

Ray Corley reports that “Vehicles for the new Birchmount Garage were moved to the facility at Birchmount Avenue and Danforth Road, from the Woodbine Garage (originally the Hollinger Bus Lines Garage, located at O’Connor Drive and Woodbine Avenue) on May 31, 1956. Buses operated from the Birchmount Garage starting on June 1, 1956. An official opening was held on August 2 1956.”

The 89,500 square foot garage has 2 wash racks, 2 fueling stations, a UWE heating system for buses stored outdoors, 10 40-foot hoists, and 4 insection pit stations. The garage houses a fleet of 262 NOVA LFS 40102 vehicles

On opening day, Birchmount Garage served twelve east-end routes, including 15 BRIMLEY, 20 CLIFFSIDE, 23 DAWES, 25 DON MILLS, 38 GERRARD, 43 KENNEDY, 51 MAIN, 62 MORTIMER, 70 O’CONNOR, 67 PHARMACY, 86 SCARBORO and 91 WOODBINE.

As of January 7, 2019, Birchmount Division operates the following routes:

Birchmount Garage Image Archive


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