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TTC revising 301 / 501 Queen service,
during extreme cold weather

The ongoing session of extremely cold weather in Toronto effectively is knocking the TTC’s older Canadian Light Rail Vehicles (CLRVs) and Articulated Light Rail Vehicles (ALRVs) out of service.

Since fewer streetcars are available, starting today, Tuesday, January 29, the transit agency is supplementing regular service with as many as 65 buses along the route.

Here’s how it’s organizing service until the weather becomes warmer:

  • 301 Queen overnight - streetcars continue to operate along the entire route between Long Branch and Neville Park loops.
  • 501 Queen - streetcars continue to operate along most of the regular route, but only between Humber and Neville Park loops.
  • 501L Queen / Long Branch - buses operate between Long Branch Loop and Queen Street West / Lansdowne Avenue.
  • 501P Queen / Park Lawn - buses operate between Park Lawn and Neville Park loops.


Note that the TTC makes even more changes to its services during an ice storm.

501L Queen / Long Branch

Eastbound buses start their trips in Long Branch Loop, then proceed along the regular route to Lake Shore Boulevard West at the south entrance to Humber Loop, then continue:

eastward along Lake Shore West;
northward along Windermere Avenue;
eastward along The Queensway and Queen Street West;
northward along Macdonell Avenue;
eastward along Seaforth Avenue; and then
southward along Lansdowne Avenue to Queen West,
ending their trips.

Eastbound bus passengers can transfer to eastbound streetcars on The Queensway at Roncesvalles Avenue.

Westbound buses start their trips on Lansdowne Avenue north of Queen Street West, then proceed:

westward along Queen Street West and The Queensway;
southward along Windermere Avenue; and then
westward along Lake Shore Boulevard West to the entrance to Humber Loop,
resuming their regular route westward along Lake Shore West.

501P Queen / Park Lawn

Eastbound buses start their trips in Long Branch Loop, then proceed:

northward along Park Lawn Road;
eastward along Lake Shore Boulevard West; and then
northward along Windermere Avenue to The Queensway,
resuming the regular route eastward along The Queensway.

Westbound buses reverse the eastbound routing.

Westbound 501P passengers can transfer to 501L buses on Queen Street West at Roncesvalles Avenue.