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Metrolinx re-introducing express GO train
along the Kitchener line, starting February 13

Metrolinx is re-introducing the popular 4:50 p.m. Monday-to-Friday express GO Transit train from Union Station along the 31 Kitchener rail line. Just like before, the train operates express — without stopping — between Union Station and Bramalea GO Station and then drop off or pick up passengers at all stops to Kitchener.

The service starts Monday, February 13.

Metrolinx says, “We are running a new train to offer this service, giving customers over 1,000 more seats during their afternoon commutes compared to today.”

GO adjusted the schedules for trains operating along the line, starting Monday, January 7. It extended some trains further west to offer passengers in Acton, Guelph and Kitchener more travel options. It also started operating an formerly express train as a local.

While the goal was to improve service to passengers west of the Greater Toronto Area, the new schedules resulted in poorer service for Brampton commuters who faced over-crowded trains and platforms during both morning and afternoon rush hours.

GO responded to the flood of complaints from Bramptonians, including Mayor Patrick Brown, by adding two more coaches to two different afternoon trains, starting Friday, January 11.