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No subway service, late June 9, early June 10:
Sheppard West to Lawrence West


The TTC is closing the Line 1 Yonge - University subway between Sheppard West and Lawrence West stations from 11 p.m. Saturday, June 9 until 11 a.m. Sunday, June 10.

Line 1 subway trains operate only between Finch and Lawrence West stations and between Vaughan Metropolitan Centre and Sheppard West stations late Saturday evening and most of Sunday morning.

Yorkdale Station will be closed during this time, but all other stations will remain open for fare sales and transfers.

While this part of the line is closed, TTC crews continue their ongoing work to install the new automatic train control system. A 2017 TTC news release explained, “When installation is complete in 2019, ATC will result in a more modern and reliable signal system that will allow for a 25 per cent increase in the number of trains operating on Line 1.”

The TTC is operating shuttle buses to replace subway service.

Wheel-Trans service will be available for passengers needing an accessible connection. Speak with TTC staff at any location in the subway system to ask for Wheel-Trans.

According to the transit agency’s news release announcing this weekend’s Line 1 subway closure, “The TTC has had to postpone several scheduled subway closures since April. The TTC’s largest union, ATU Local 113, is no longer agreeing to allow overtime beyond 48 hours.

“In order to complete necessary ATC [automatic train control signalling] work this weekend, the TTC has shortened the closure window so that shuttle bus service is only required between Sheppard West and Lawrence West stations for a total of about six hours, over two days.

“The TTC is currently hiring more operators and expects to resume regularly scheduled subway closures in July.”

For its part, Local 113 of the Amalagamated Transit Union says, “The TTC has been operating with as high as 12 per cent of maintenance positions left unfilled. ATU Local 113 and its members are concerned the TTC has left these positions unfilled and are relying on overtime to make it easier to bring more privatization to Toronto’s public transit system.

“Given these concerns over the TTC’s failure to hire, ATU Local 113 decided not to extend its agreement with the TTC to allow members to work as many as 64 hours per week. This decision came into effect April 30, 2018.”

GO Transit passengers riding buses to and from Yorkdale GO Bus Terminal should note that they will not be able to connect with the TTC’s Line 1 Yonge - University subway or shuttle buses from 11 p.m. Saturday until 11 a.m. Sunday. Board or exit buses at Finch or York Mills GO Bus Terminals to transfer to the subway.

Subway-replacement shuttle buses

(The TTC has not confirmed routing information. We’ve based this part of the post on information that the TTC has provided during previous closures of this and other nearby sections of the line.)

Southbound buses start their trips in Sheppard West Station, then proceed:

southward along William R. Allen Road;
west- and southward along Transit Road;
through Wilson Station bus terminal;
north- and eastward along Transit;
southward along Allen;
west- and southward along Yorkdale Road;
southward along Allen;
eastward along Lawrence Avenue West; and then
southward into Lawrence West Station bus terminal,
ending their trips.

Northbound buses reverse the southbound routing.